My biggest complaint against the Framingham police department has been their steadfast lack of enforcement of U.S. immigration law. They are required by law to enforce these laws. Yet, our police chief has written a don't ask, don't tell sanctuary policy to reinforce the official town policy as defined by our Welcoming Proclamation.

I have also filed assorted complaints against individual police officers, mostly for parking in handicap spaces and other things they do that they shouldn't be doing.

The police are generally intolerant of free speech particularly when we speak of them. Sergeant Kathy Esposito is a poster child for the suppression of free speech.

As such, I am being continually harrassed by individual officers. This web page tries to incorporate all my knowledge of this ongoing harrassment.

I have been arrested once while on my morning walk by Officer Gregory Reardon who I suspect targetted me for political reprisals. The reason I say this was the malicious intent he exhibited. I have reason to suspect prior intent to arrest me but have no proof yet.

I have stopped walking in the morning to reduce my exposure to these badge thugs.

Sometime after my arrest, I discover that the Framingham police are maintaining an intelligence file on me (some 30 pages if you don't include the paper work for my arrest). In other words, I am considered an enemy of the state and these police officers have so much time on their hands that they compile dossiers on law abiding citizens just like J. Edgar Hoover did on Dr. Martin Luther King. They have a much larger intelligence file on Jim Rizoli .

Why should the police maintain dossiers on law abiding citizens? How about just doing law enforcement?

Do they maintain dossiers on illegal aliens? Of course not!
No, I mean it. That's not a joke. Stop rolling on the floor.

Date Complaint/Response
October 29, 2014
October 29, 2014
September 11, 2014
August 16, 2014
August 23, 2014
November 3, 2012
September 14, 2012
July 29, 2012
June 12, 2012
September 30, 2011
September 16, 2011
Septe,ber 14, 2011
August 20, 2011
August 15, 2011
August 13, 2011
September 29, 2011
July 27, 2011
July 26, 2011
July 21, 2011
July 14, 2011
October 11, 2010
August 17, 2010
November 11, 2009
July 13, 2009
June 10, 2009

Very long coffee breaks at Dunkin's. A Tradition.

February 3, 2009

Assault and Battery by deputy police chief Ken Ferguson in the Framingham courthouse. Ferguson claims to know something about ethics in policing. What a joke.

January 4, 2009 Received a second anonymous police love letter. From the same cowardly officer that sent me the first.

Police love letter 2 part 1
Police love letter 2 part 2
Police love letter 2 part 3
Police love letter 2 part 4

October 14, 2008 Received an anonymous police love letter. The anonimity and and content pretty much show what kind of officers we hire. Freedom of speech is not tolerated in their ranks.

I suspect Officer Peter Galvani because he is the only one who has vocally called me Harry Baby at Dunkin Donuts. I'd like to get one printed sheet from his home computer's printer and work computer to see if the fonts are identical and the ink dots should match. Lt. Michael Hill has a copy of this letter.

Police love letter 1 part 1
Police love letter 1 part 2
Police love letter 1 part 3

September 29, 2008

Framingham police respond to a spoofed 911 call on my house.

I may not be safe even in my house if they have someone spoof a 911 call to call in a SWAT team. This is called swatting.

September 2, 2008

Framingham PD Jack Booted Adrenaline Junkie comes after me.

Officer Owen Babineau.

I'm still processing this case.

Police Response part 1

Police Response part 2

May 25, 2008

Framingham PD cruiser plays games with me.

Police chief Steven Carl refuses to tell me who the culprit is.

June 15, 2007

I was stopped during my early morning walk and arrested

June 20, 2006

Four motorcycle cops using lights to navigate heavy traffic on Concord Street on their way to Dunkin Donuts.

Bogus reply from the chief.

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