From:      Harold J. Wolfe 
To:        Steven Carl 
Cc:        Board of Selectmen 
Subject:   Police complaint
Date:      Sun, 29 Jul 2012 21:31:40 -0400

This was an officer talking on his cellphone, around 0908 on 07/27/2012
at the intersection of Chouteau and Laclede in my neighborhood.

What is the officer's name?

He was in the middle of the road talking up a storm and was clearly
oblivious of the fact that he was about to be featured on YouTube.
And I was very close to him.

I would have thought that his parents instructed him to not play in
traffic but did he listen?  No!

When I do video, I first make sure that I am not on a road so that
I avoid being splattered, but since he is doing this on the taxpayer's
money, he doesn't seem to care.

Everytime one of your employees get hit by something, check their phones
or tablets for activity at the time of SPLAT!  

Was Gutwill talking on his phone when he got his toes clipped?

For everyone I can video tape, there are twenty others I see talking
on their cellphones.

Police Response
The police chief responds by saying this is alright unless it interferes with his duties. On a back street, he has about 30 minutes of duties each day.

It would have been wrong to do this if he had been hit while not paying attention, but since he did not get hit, it's OK.

Officer Chris Pisano is standing in the middle of a street, his back turned to traffic, but as long as he is talking to a police officer back at the station, it's OK to do this. I guess, it's a reminder of how stupid these people are.

The chief has clearly stated that the safety of the officer is not important in the scheme of things. The non-existent duties are far more important.

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