Today, August 17, 2010, I drove to the McAuliffe library, coming from Saxonville center and observed a police officer talking on his cellphone while directing traffic. I passed by him and parked near the library. He was still yapping on his cellphone so I decided to video tape it. You can have have a copy of the original video if you wish (on demand). I've uploaded the video to youtube at:

The first thing I want to know is the officer's name and if he is married with children. Does his wife know that he endangers his life by doing this? Does he tell his children?

As soon as he saw me video taping him, he dropped his hand holding the phone so he knew he was doing something wrong. Nonetheless, he did it.

What is the penalty for using a cellphone while standing in the middle of the street and directing traffic?

How many times can he do it before he gets fired?

How many times in the past has he been caught doing this?

How many other complaints does he have against him?

As a taxpayer, I have no interest in paying the medical bills of morons who with all due deliberations dramatically increase their risk profile by failing to pay attention to their lives while standing in the middle of traffic. Nor do I want to pay for their time off.

I see your officers doing this all the time, so I have to guess that the penalty for getting caught is not significant.

The first violation should be the loss of a day's pay. The second violation should be three days pay. The third is the loss of job.

The officer has plenty of time to talk to loved ones at other times, but should NEVER do it while on this kind of duty.

The next time I hear the Framingham police lecture us about talking on our cellphones while we drive, I will remind the community about your own lax standards as police chief.

Harold J. Wolfe
65 Delmar Avenue
Framingham, MA 01701

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