This constitutes a complaint against this officer. If he gets hurt by his lack of attention, will the taxpayers have to pay for his care?

Another example of how the Framingham police tell us not to use our cell phones while driving but they use theirs while directing traffic in the middle of Concord Street where it intersects Route 30. Another hypocrite in your midst.

What is the name of this officer?

Picture taken: DateTimeOriginal: 2011:07:13 10:51:09 As of this morning, 07/14/2011, the camera time was 9 minutes ahead of my cellphone time.

On July 30th, 2011, I received this reply from the police department concerning this complaint.


The police chief simply makes a declarative statement that cellphone usage by the police while directing traffic is permissible at any time.

Notice that the police chief states that James Smith is a Traffic Constable. That explains the necessity of a large gun and a deadly accident waiting to happen when he trips and misfires his gun.

I suppose the school crossing guards wear guns?

I never saw fire department personnel working traffic detail wearing guns.

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