How the Framingham police mugged me on June 15, 2007

The Nightmare on Speen Street
This is the story of a 57 year old law-abiding man who went for his morning walk as he has done for years and was assaulted by a Framingham police officer who was doing his mind-numbingly boring job and decided to play nanny. In the end, the 58 year old man was found guilty of Assault and Battery of a Public Employee because he tried to protect his constitutional rights in not identifying himself.

The 57 year old law-abiding man belatedly realized that he had walked into a space-time displacement vortex on Speen Street and was dropped into Berlin around 1933.

This story shows how an underemployed police officer, Gregory Reardon becomes an employment generation and job opportunity machine that creates not so useful employment for other police officers, various assistant district attorneys, assorted judges, probation officers, lawyers, not to mention the immense courthouse protection racket and underemployed soccer mom feminine jurors.

The story shows how the legal system is so stacked against the defendant that it is both pathetic and pitiful.

  • Public employees (police officers) are given a huge advantage thru certain laws.

    If you've read Animal Farm , you'll remember that all animals were equal, but the pigs, were more than equal.

    Governments are establishing multiple tiers in our society by abusing laws. Remember, teachers are public employees.

  • Judges are generally biased because of where they came from.

    The vast majority of judges had long careers as assistant district attorneys, then district attorneys, and finally judges.  In essence, most come from the prosecutorial side and very few come from the defense side. Cloning occurs in the selection of judges.

  • Most juries will be stacked with and dominated by women.  Women have a greater fear factor and support the police.  Most men will find a way out and go to work. There are a lot of soccer moms who find jury duty rather interesting.

The message clearly sent to the community by the cop, the assistant DA, the judge and the mostly female jury is that we should have a more authoritarian police state.

One learns that in the entire criminal justice system, there may exist one person in every two thousand that can actually differentiate an ethernet plug from a USB plug.

At the end of the nightmare, those people who still possessed a shred of intelligence, discovered that after hundreds of hours of difficult tedious work, by dozens of hard working, highly paid and dedicated public officials, pretty much of nothing had been accomplished, but they were all a little closer to retirement.

And that, boys and girls, is how government works.

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