Complaint against Sergeant Kathy Esposito on 11/11/2009
From: Harold J. Wolfe []
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 10:42 AM
To: Steven B. Carl
Cc: Scott T. Morelli
Subject: Sgt Kathy Esposito

Around 0930 on Monday, November 9, 2009, I had the pleasure to have Sgt. Kathy Esposito working detail right in front of my house. Since she was kind enough to take some time from her busy job to annoy me on the day I was arrested (June 15, 2007), I decided to reciprocate and take some time off from my busy day to photograph her.

At 1005, she took off in her white SUV and had not rejoined the two trucks by 1107 when I left for the mall.

I'd like to know what she reported in terms of hours worked and if she got paid for that hour when she was not there. I include a picture for your perusal. I have not adjusted my camera for daylight saving time. It was 0952.

On December 1, 2009 I was contacted by Lt. Paul J. Farley concerning this complaint.
On Wednesday, December 2, 2009, I had an interview from Hell with Lt. Paul J. Farley of the Framingham police department concerning a complaint I submitted against Sergeant Kathy Esposito, who appartently skipped an hour on detail duty in front of my house. We did not see eye to eye, eye to toe, or toe to eye. I became quickly convinced that Farley was born with a small birthmark that was apparently misread by his mother as 999 instead of a 666 or perhaps it was behind his hair and it was never seen.

In comparison to Lt. Michael Hill, Farley comes across as one really obnoxious police officer who has no understanding whatsover that he is a public servant. Farley thinks he is my master. Any future interview with Farley will be recorded. Such interviews would provide others with great entertainment value.

In all kindness to Farley, he is an older and more benevolent version of deputy police chief Steven Trask

The small, mean-spirited and uncluttered minds owned by Farley and Trask respectively have been seriously contaminated by the Lucifer Effect

Lt. Paul J. Farley felt that my complaint against Esposito was minutia. I am certain that if I stole $43 ( going hourly rate for detail work per police contract) from a store, it would not be considered minutia.

In addition, Lt. Paul J. Farley suggested that I was harassing Sergeant Esposito by taking my pictures, but since the interview room was right next to the booking room and he did not arrest me for harassment, one may safely conclude that his assessment was on shaky grounds

The basic nature and fabric of the Framingham police department will be much improved the day deputy police chief Steven Trask and Lt. Paul J. Farley retire or quit.

I provided Farley, a technical neophyte, with all the pictures I took while Esposito was hovering in front of my house.

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Beware of SADD (Severe Appearance Deficit Disorder)
Sgt. Kathy Esposito is one of those in our species (I think) whose gender identification is problematic at best.
She might be an escapee from the Center For The Visually Unpleasant.

Response from police chief Steven B. Carl on December 21, 2009

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