On Friday, September 16, 2011, I was going thru my normal rounds at Dunkin Donuts to see who on the police force showed up, and I find Framingham PD cruiser 944 waiting to intercept me on the gas station side of Dunkin Donuts at 692 Cochituate Road near the back.

For some reason I knew this was Peter Galvani because he likes that particular cruiser. He must have dibs on it.

I tried to get past him but he moved to block me, then backed up a bit to let me by. Before proceeding, I took a photo of him from behind and as I drove past the cruiser, I saw him using his cellphone to take a picture of me. If he succeeded, I suspect he took a bad picture and may have to try again in the future.

I can't believe that the man is really that stupid to have done that. I guess I was mistaken about him after all.

He is perfectly entitled to do this as a private citizen on his own time, but doing this while on duty and using a public vehicle, constitutes harassment of a citizen.

I have a constitutional right to monitor the police while they are on duty. Indeed, as a citizen and political activist, I have a civic duty and obligation to monitor my government in whatever activities it engages in, especially waste and fraud.

The police response to my complaint is that he did nothing wrong. According to a phone call with Lt. William Delaney, the police can do as they please and my complaint is frivolous.

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