On June 30, 2011, I received this citation in the mail.

Click to get larger image.

I would like the identification of the officer by name.

This unidentified officer says my camera screen was in the driver's view. That's a pretty broad claim. My GPS is also in my view. Anything on my dash is also in my view.

All Framingham police officers know my license plate and car description and the fact that I use my camera frequently to take videos of ongoing construction from the sidewalks, so any officer who sees me drive by can write me a ticket claiming I am using my camera.

I've been driving in Framingham for untold years and never had a citation. I file complaints against the Framingham police for violating their own policies, and I get two citations in two days.

Police chief Steven B. Carl is showing us that he can be a real prick. One would like to think that there is some sort of law enforcement objective is this citation but in reality, the police are saying My dick is bigger than your dick.

Clearly, this is an attempt to prevent me from video taping the police talking on their cellphones while doing details. I have also filed numerous complaints about various tax-eating, coffee-drinking, donut-suckling police officers who like to park themselves at Dunkin Donuts for 45 minutes or more with that feeling of entitlement.

The police are using the color of law to silence their critics.

This is an ongoing attempt at harrassment by the Framingham police. They are using the color of law to harass their critics.

The response from the police chief is:

The officer is Gregory Reardon, the same prick who arrested me way back in 2007.

I get a document from the court to show up five months after the incident. Court date is 10/27/2011.

This one will have to be rescheduled.

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