On September 11, 2014, I was at the building site of the new Logan Express bus terminal taking pictures of the construction. I was walking along the edge the property taking pictures by holding my camera over the construction fence. As I walked by a SUV parked there, this officer comes out and starts to approach me and says....

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"Why are you so stupid, Harold"

This statement was made without any provocation by me since I had not said anything. I however responded by saying

"People who are required by their jobs to wear uniforms are stupid."

He then tried to get me to stop moving away from him so he could provoke some action on my part. I kept moving back to my car taking pictures.

I know who the officer is but please verify his identification for the record. It is obvious that he has a real attitude against me. Do you think it is appropriate for a Framingham police officer to make an unprovoked statement the way he did and to have such an attitude?

Tell the officer that each and every time he opens his pie hole without provocation, I will file a complaint against him and eventually, you will need a separate filing cabinet with his name on it since he has trouble keeping his piehole shut.

I am once again reminded of the shortcomings in your department. Tell the officer that if he has a complaint against me that he should complain in a public forum where everybody can listen, but I doubt that he has the testicular fortitude.

I would be thrilled if he could talk to me in your office and I could record his comments.

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