Police Complaint 20090610 (more long coffee breaks)

From: 	Harold J. Wolfe 
Reply-to: 	hjw2001@gmail.com
To: 	Steven Carl 
Cc: 	Board of Selectmen 
Subject: 	More long coffee breaks
Date: 	Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:11:55 -0400

                                               65 Delmar Avenue
                                               Framingham, MA 01701
                                               June 10, 2009

        Framingham Police Department
        1 William Welch way
        Framingham, MA 01702
        Attn: Police Chief Steven Carl

        Dear Mr. Carl,

        Once again, I find that members of your staff are taking very long
        leisurely coffee breaks and now they are even ignoring my presence.

        Please check the camera overlooking the front corner table at
        Dunkin Donuts by the Rt. 30 Mass Pike.  I was sitting at the
        corner and the officers were sitting at the table next to me.
        Today's date is June 10, 2009.

        What are the names of the officers driving FPD cruisers 324 and 954?
        I believe they were there at around 0800 and stayed past 0854..

        I was there from 0700 until 0847.  As I was leaving the two FPD
        motorcycles (TM7933, TM7945) came in.  I proceeded on home to drop
        off some stuff and returned at 0855.

        What are the names of the two officers on the motorcycles?
        When I returned, FPD cruisers 324 and 954 were still present as
        well as the two motorcycles.

        I am impressed with the lack of authority you exercise over your staff.
        How many complaints must I file to have one of these civil servants
        fired?  If they can't be fired, what's to stop them from just
        disregarding you as a commanding officer?

        I am equally impressed with the lack of work your staff does.
        Each officer represents the department as a whole.

        If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at
        508-561-8452 or at hjw2001@gmail.com

                                               Sincerely yours, an
                                               Unimpressed taxpayer

Harold J. Wolfe, 65 Delmar Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701 508-877-5541
http://abetterframingham.org               http://no-more-overrides.org

Carl's response

My Commentary
  • The officers are easy to identify within a Dunkin Donuts. They wear uniforms.

  • They must know they sit under cameras. I do.

  • They knew I was right next to them. They know I file complaints.

  • Their shift starts at 7:45 a.m. After undergoing a brutal roll-call at the main police station, the officers finally get relief around 8 a.m. and make a beeline to Dunkin Donuts to relax from their strenuous work day so far and arrive around at 8:15 a.m. The officers finally recover around 9:00 a.m. and leave Dunkin's to serve and protect the Town of Framingham. You know the town's motto Dedicated to Excellence in Public Service.

  • The officers are all over 30 years of age and are allegedly responsible individuals.

  • They all seem to have forgotten that they are employed by the taxpayers and are public servants. Unbeknownst to them, I'm a cranky taxpayer.

  • Owen Babineau is one of the repeat offenders,

So what made them stay for long coffee breaks?

Are they morons in our midst or simply incredibly arrogant?

Are they actually interested in their jobs or simply their paychecks?

Maybe, we should let these guys go somewhere else where they would be happier.

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