This page constitutes an official complaint against officer Christopher Burrell.

As is customary by certain members of the Framingham police, three members of the Framingham police went through rollcall at the southside Framingham police headquarters and made a beeline to the northside Framingham police headquarters, known to us as the Dunkin Donuts at 692 Cochituate Road for their morning coffee. This was the first order of business after a hard ride from the southside Framingham police headquarters

I took some pictures. Click on one to get the full image.

That's Peter Galvani 944, David Carlo 941 and Christopher Burrell MC3. I then proceeded to Savers further up the street but as I left Dunkin Donuts, I witnessed one officer taking a picture of me.

I parked at Savers and noted that I had time for a bank transaction at Sovereign bank so I walked up to an ATM, made my transaction, and walked back to Savers. The store was still not open.

I then saw a police motor cycle turning into Savers and it circled around the back of the store but I waited for it. Lo' and behold, it was Christopher Burrell coming to talk to me.

The first question I have is how did he know that I was at Savers?

He actually had the audacity to say that what I was doing constituted harassment. I responded that his staying at Dunkin Donuts for 90 minutes was abuse of the taxpayers. He wanted me to discuss and debate this obnoxious behaviour by the police.

What he did here is literally identical to what Owen Babineau pulled three years ago. . Using public resources and public time to harass a citizen who did want to be bothered. I am extremely concerned about your staff and their guns, since you can apparently get away with murder if it looks like an accident. I would appreciate if someone would advise him and each member of your overzealous and dangerous staff never to do this.

I am doing my job as a concerned citizen about certain members of your staff abusing their positions as police officers (with state given police powers) and bilking the taxpayers.

I would like his cell phone confiscated from him to be used as evidence against him in a charge of harrassment and intimidation. I would like copies of the pictures he took.

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