My Canon SD1400 camera is only about 30 seconds off my cell phone time.

Here is one of your patrol supervisors not supervising.... He came in about 0850. Who is he?

Then carefully tucked in the back corner of Dunkin Donuts on Route 30 by the Mass Pike entrance. They arrived around 0815-0820 and when I left a little after 9 AM, they were still there. You can check the camera in the back of the store (by the restrooms).

I then proceeded to Savers, Barnes and Noble and the Salvation Army and returned to Dunkins to find the motorcycle still there. It's operator was talking to a friend outside the Donut shop so he wouldn't be on camera. So he was there for over an hour.

I'd like you to identify these officers for me. I'll continue to keep tabs on them in the future.

As for the motorcycle cop, I have a simple question. Why is he even employed if he has no intention of working? He represents you and your department in its work ethics?

Being a police officer must be a tough job if you have to take a break only half an hour after your shift starts at 0745.

Keep up the great work.

953 supervisor Sgt Loughman MC3 Christopher Burrell 941 Guzman 944 Galvani

Had a long phone conversation with Deputy Chief Ferguson about this incident. I emphasized that these officers made a bee line to Dunkins after roll call at work at the beginning of their shift.

As a general rule, police officers will arrive at Dunkins about half an hour after their shift begins. They go thru rollcall and need some commuting time. It seems to me that officers might want to try getting coffee before their shift begins. It just looks bad to show up at the beginning of the shift and much worse if you park yourself at a donut shop for 45 minutes or more.

It's surprising to see how dumb these guys are. Do they think they are invisible? It's always the same group of officers. Perhaps, they feel that they have nothing to lose.

They suffer no penalty even if they accidentally kill someone.

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