At 11:07 today, July 26, 2011, Sgt Scott Brown pulled me over for allegedly failing to signal a left turn onto Old Connecticut Path from Brownlea Street out of my neighborhood. I guess he was waiting for me to exit my neighborhood. I always use my turn signal but it is his word versus mine.

I of course smell harrassment here, abuse of police powers. He must have been behind me on Old Connecticut Path which means he could not see my left turn signal.

It turns out he was waiting for me on Brownlea Street, one of my neighborhood streets.

I'd like to know how many tickets Sgt. Brown has issued in the past 30 days for failing to signal.

While stopped on Speen Street, a second cruiser going the opposite direction turns around on Speen and gets behind Brown's cruiser, 953.

Here's a picture of its driver. Click to see larger image.

Officer Christopher Eliadi

I would like to have this officer's name.

I'd love to know what they chatted about and whether there was any communications between the two of them via radio or cell phone after I was pulled over.

What reason did he give when asked why he turned around to join Sgt. Brown?

It's great to have two Framingham police cruisers behind me for failing to signal. Apparently, your staff is seriously underworked.

Meanwhile, they were impeding heavy traffic on Old Connecticut Path. I was a BIG catch...a serious criminal on the loose in Framingham.

It only took Sgt Brown 11 minutes to process me for a $25 fine.

He also stated that the clear plastic license plate cover I have is illegal. Is it? Under what Massachusetts General Law?

Here's some video of the incident..

Here's the ticket I got from Sgt. Brown...

At 3:11 PM this afternoon, July 26, 2011 I was 150 feet behind cruiser 940 as it exited my neighborhood on Brownlea and took a right turn on Old Connecticut Path and failed to signal.

Who was the officer driving and could you please give him a ticket like I got taking a left turn at that very same intersection.

Regrettably, I do not have police powers to ticket him

Clearly, my video camera will be in far greater use.

Sed quis Custodiet ipsos Custodes?

Who shall guard us from the guardians?


Sgt. Scott Brown is a petty and vindictive corrupt police officer. He has clearly been corrupted by police powers and now exhibits Lucifer Effect .

As a police officer, he has been given police powers by the state and he does not hesitate too much to use these police powers, simply because he has them, not because they should be used. He will use them against his enemies real or imagined, and he forgets that his mission is to protect us from each other..

I can count on another visit by Sgt. Brown.

Response from our beloved jewish Framingham police chief.

The notion that Steven Carl actually remembers that he witnessed me failing to signal a turn over two years ago is preposterous. He seems to add that in just to remind me that he sides with the actions of his staff. He is all to willing to utilize the color of law to go after his critics.

Steven Carl merely had to look at information on when I brought Ferguson to court (on my web site even), pick a street around the court house, and know that I was there and just make up that statement. Perhaps he can identify the make/model of car I had and its license plate. Given his phenomenal memory, this should not be an issue.

I get a document from the court to show up five months after the incident. Court date is 11/22/2011 and this incident occured 07/26/2011.

According to Brown, he stated that he was on Brownlea Street. This is my neighborhood street and he was waiting in ambush. What a scumbag police officer.

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