From:    Harold J. Wolfe 
To:      Steven Carl 
Cc:      Board of Selectmen ,
Subject: Met two of your hoodlums this morning.
Date:    Mon, 15 Aug 2011 09:19:22 -0400

Around 0320 this morning 08/15/2011, at Dunkins at 692 Cochicuate Road,
two of your officers came to get coffee, said a few words to each other.

I distinctly heard my name "Harold Wolfe" and the phrase 
"I'd like to smash his camera".

I did not get their names or cruiser numbers.  I was engrossed with
computer work and did not even look at them.

If you take these complaints seriously, you can examine the camera tapes
at the Dunkins store and identify the officers.

I am offended by these remarks from your two bit hoodlums.
As usual, it's always an unpleasant experience to deal with your staff.

No citizen of Framingham or any other community in the United States should ever hear this from a well armed police officer.

This confirms for the umpteenth time that cops are really dumb. The notion that they said this and wanted to be overheard by me is apalling and indicates real stupidity and the absolute arrogance of power .

The police are becoming increasingly dangerous to us.

If they are identified, they will of course deny what they said, but they should be fired anyway.

These two officers are a reflection of police chief Steven B. Carl's police policies.

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