Here's a picture of a Framingham fire department truck parked on the median strip of Rt. 30 in front of Shoppers World. The firefighter was grovelling for money from the tax free weekend shoppers.

There were hundreds of available parking spaces with a quarter mile of this location.

What Massachusetts General Law (MGL) permits him to park in the mediam strip as he did? If there is no such law, why was he not ticketed? I witnessed at least one Framingham cruiser drive by him but could not get the cruiser number because they are too small.

Can I park on the median strip?

Am I permitted to grovel for money from drivers for my worthy cause?

How is it that your officers are so astute and can see me fail to use a turn signal or allegedly have a camera blocking my view, but fail to see a fire truck parked in the median strip for over 3 hours? Please answer this question. Your response may be of interest to the Board of Selectmen and the taxpayers (who pay nearly $12 million a year for this selective law enforcement by you and your department).

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