Around 1017 on Friday, September 30, 2011, I took a fast right turn out of Savers on Rt. 30 to beat the oncoming traffic and move over to the left lane in order to get in line for the left turn light to enter Shoppers World. As I did so, a police motorcycle that was waiting for me at Barmakian Jewelers did exactly the same to get behind me in that left lane.

I turned into Shopper's World and he followed behind me going past Logan Express. I then turned right and he continued straight. I assume that he was trying to send me a message. Could you talk to him and tell me what the message was? I presume just police intimidation. Abuse of police powers, etc... nothing else.

Click on picture to get larger image.

If you click on the picture one more time around his muffler, you get a still larger image which shows the number 3 (MC3) by the muffler. According to my copy of your log file, it's Christopher Burrell again. Apparently, he is now actively stalking me. May I ask why? Is this a new police department policy to stalk its critics?

I would expect yet another report from internal affairs explaining why this behaviour continues. Please notify me when a new report is available.

The police response is that officer Christopher Burrell did nothing wrong and the police are allowed to follow and stalk whoever they want to annoy. The investigation was done by Lt. William Delaney.

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