At 08:32 on July 29, 2011, as I was packing up to leave Dunkin Donuts, I was being intently being stared at by Officer Kenneth Blass (Cruiser 946) with an extremely belligerent look that easily translated to:

I intend to shove a large cumbersome object up your asshole one day.

but perhaps I did not translate correctly. Please ask him what he was thinking and relay that information to me.

As I exited the store, he was at the end of the line by the door and said "Leaving so soon?". I did not respond. As always, it's a pleasure to deal with your cranky and mindless staff.

Given that he was much bigger than me AND he carries a gun, I consider him dangerous. Like Paul Duncan, he is not afraid of using a gun against his enemies, real or imagined.

Here's a picture I took as I exited the parking lot.

Kenneth Blass is a classic example of a Framingham police officer corrupted by power. Unfortunately, he does not understand that concept at all.

This is my third encounter with Officer Kenneth Blass.

It's clear to me that there is a conspiracy by a large group of Framingham police officers to "take me out".

You shouldn't be surprised if I become the next Eurie Stamps, Sr..

Perhaps yout staff doesn't abide by your motto.

My previous complaints have been posted as web pages and I await your responses to them.

Response from our beloved Framingham police chief.

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