On September 13, 2012, around 11:45 AM I took a walk to photograph construction in my neighborhood on Chouteau Avenue.

Loughman clearly knew who I was when he addressed me. He immediately moved in very close to me (2-3 feet) and stayed very close to me as I moved around the construction, even as I went across private yards.

His strategy was to get as close to me as possible without pushing me out of the way hoping that I would touch him so he could charge me with assault and battery like Gregory Reardon did in 2007.

Loughman also made threatening moves with his hands hoping to intimidate me.

I told him that he was harrassing me (listen to audio) and he denied that he was harrassing me. Typical of a police officer to tell someone who is being harrassed and who is not.

Sgt Loughman was not bahaving like a reasonable person but he did did seem to have a purpose. There was simply no rational reason for him to follow me that closely across several yards other than to provoke me.

I have been taking pictures along Chouteau Ave for two months and no other police officer has done anything close to this.

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The response from the police came in around 09/29/2012.

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