My Complaint to the Framingham Police Department on June 20th, 2006
On Tuesday, June 20, 2006 around 0800 while driving north on Concord Street towards Route 9, returning from the police station, I witnessed four Framingham police officers on motorcycles using their sirens and lights to navigate thru traffic (passing me on the left).  I proceeded on to stop at Stop and Shop to buy bananas and milk, and then proceeded to Dunkin Donuts on Route 30 where at 0811, I found four Framingham police motorcycles all neatly parked. ( picture included).  Not exactly the scene of chaos.  The reason I went to Dunkin Donuts is that I expected to find them there.

Today, Wednesday, June 21, 2006, around 0800, I went to the police station and asked the officer at the front desk (Galvani) if I could talk to the watch commander about this incident.  Galvani told me an accident had occurred at Dunkin Donuts but when I asked him to show me the log entry on it, he bluntly told me "I don't have to show you anything!  And I do not intend to bother the watch commander".  was no log entry for such an incident.

I find it offensive that police officers abuse the powers granted to them by the taxpayers.  I find it particularly offensive that four of them collaborated to abuse such powers to go to Dunkin Donuts.  I have seen these motorcycles at Dunkin (all four of them) quite a number of times.

I would like a clear and concise explanation of this incident before I bring this issue up with the Board of Selectman.

The response from the police chief arrived two weeks later and is shown below as three scanned images.

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My response to his description.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. An unidentified woman behind me, notifies four motorcycle officers of an accident ahead of me as I travel northbound on Concord Street. The accident is never seen even though there was perhaps a three minute interval between Dennison Ave and where they passed me. It's amazing how accident scenes just disappear in thin air in a matter of minutes. Must have been a doozie!

It's unfortunate for me that Steven Carl was actually paying attention when he took that creative writing class.

Police officers are entitled to coffee breaks but going to Dunkin Donuts as the first assignment after leaving the station was obviously questionable. I've got to check the collective bargaining agreement to see if this is a valid assignment for four officers as a group.

The officers were going to attend a funeral in Dorchester for a state trooper who died in a car accident after he fell asleep while driving a marked cruiser and crashed into a parked GMC dump-body truck in the breakdown lane on I-495 in Wrentham. How is it that four Framingham police officers get involved in the death of a state trooper? How much taxpayer funds are wasted for these needless shows.

The police chief then tells me that riding motorcycles is a a dangerous assignment. The officers could have reduced the liability to the taxpayers and to themselves by taking a cruiser, but they chose to ride motorcycles. This was a personal choice.  I'm not aware of a single individual who has ever used a motorcyle against their will.

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