65 Delmar Avenue
                                               Framingham, MA 01701
                                               October 30, 2014

        Framingham Police Department
        1 William Welch Way
        Framingham, MA 01702
        Attn: Chief of Police
              Ken Ferguson

        Dear sir, 

        Upon my return from court after being arrested by your thug
        Michael Esposito, on October 9. 2014, I was taken to my car, parked
        across the street from Logan Express and took some pictures from
        the shopping mall parking.  Kathy Esposito (243) spotted me and 
        left her gate she had been assigned to in her detail work and 
        started walking towards me.  She must have walked some 800 feet
        away from the gate and was intercepted. 
        Please answer the following questions.
        Why would she do that?
        Is photography illegal at Shoppers World?
        Does MGL 266 Sec 120D
        make photography illegal?
        Simply to harrass me hoping to provoke me and arrest me
        again.  That would have been a great prize for the Esposito family.
        Once again, a member of your staff goes out of her way to
        provoke and harass me simply for taking pictures.  Tell her
        that she is a repugnant idiot corrupted by power.

        By the way, Mr. Ferguson, thank you for visiting me in cell 10 with
        your side kick Cronin and telling me your concerns about me.  You
        stated very clearly that you were concerned that I might pull
        out my camera near one of your well trained officer and he/she
        might think it was a gun and shoot me.  That would solve your

        I will stop taking pictures of your officers if you set up a
        web site with each officer/staff member having a decent photo
        (400 pixel square) along with the full name, badge number and rank.
        No hats or sunglasses to hide behind. 
        Until that happens, 
        it's my job to do this.
        Perhaps you can identify the unknowns for me.
        All of you are public servants but act like public thugs simply
        because we gave you a badge and a gun and it quickly corrupts
        each and every one of you..

        This complaint is on the following web page:


                                               Sincerely yours,

                                               Harold J. Wolfe


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Response on my complaint from Ken Ferguson

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