Papers please! (circa Berlin, 1939, Gestapo)
Since the Framingham police have decided to stop people without reason to do a wellness check and require identification (or arrest them), I propose that the Board of Selectman implement a policy on wellness checks.

I suggest that each "wellness check" should be carefully documented and periodically reviewed.  The information collected should contain:

  • the name of the officer that made the stop
  • date and time of the stop
  • the location of the wellness check
  • specific reason or reasons for the stop
  • skin color of the individual stopped
  • was the individual asked for ID? Why?

There is no legal requirement to identify yourself but in my case, the officer was intent on arresting me since I refused to identify myself. This is why I consider Officer Gregory Reardon a 28 year old underemployed testorone filled petty police thug who uses the color of law to shield his incompetence and who still lives with his parents.

Why should the police believe that they must help someone who has not requested assistance? How many times does an officer have to be told that he is not wanted? Are they just really plain stupid? Will someone help me understand?

Any one who has the power to arrest, detain or incarcerate individuals, or worse, those with command authority in such organizations should lose their jobs if they speak out politically when a person is being booked .  Such political comments undermine the reason for the arrest and raise the issue of malice and intent.

Way after my arrest, I discover that the Framingham police are maintaining an intelligence file on me (some 30 pages if you don't include the paper work for this arrest. In other words, I am considred an enemy of the state and these police officers have so much time on their hands that they compile dossiers on law abiding citizens just like J. Edgar Hoover did on Dr. Martin Luther King.  They have a much larger intelligence file on Jim Rizoli.

Why should the police maintain dossiers on law abiding citizens? How about just doing law enforcement.

  • All stops by the police should have probable cause . Police officers who stop people without probable cause should be penalized, eventually resulting in their unemployment. Using a lame excuse like "we are performing a wellness check" is not acceptable.

  • I would also like to see video/audio recording equipment in every police cruiser and it should be used each and everytime someone is stopped for any reason whatsoever. The police watch us, but the video/audio recorders will watch the police.

  • I'd like to see GPS recorders in each police cruiser to be able to track where these police officers actually go.

  • Since these officers seem to be underemployed, and thus have to generate (drum up) business for themselves (to look like they're actually doing something useful for society), I'd like to suggest a ten (10%) percent cut of the police department.  This would force them to focus on law enforcement.

  • Any police officer (like Sgt. Kathy Esposito) on active duty who who uses their official capacity and knowingly attempts to intimidate someone for exercising their free speech rights should be fired. It is a violation of their oath of office.  Otherwise, it becomes official departmental policy to perform such intimidation.

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