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On 20070615 around 0400, I was taking my morning walk of 3.5 miles that I've taken for about 18 years, 360 days of the year.

This was the 13th time I remember being pulled over by the Framingham police. Always in the early morning hours in darkness.

Today was Gregory Reardon of 4 Lee Lane, Medway, MA 02053 .

If I had been walking on the same street in broad daylight at 9 AM, the officer would never have thought of stopping me.  Apparently, the laws in Framingham change between midnight and sunrise and no one tells me.  In fact, had I been driving down the street at 4 AM or 9AM, the officer would not have pulled me over.  Walking at 4 AM however is contrary to law.

I was on Speen Street heading south towards Rt. 30 on the section that has no sidewalk after the Mass Pike entrance overhead ramp, so I was walking on the road's edge.  A Framingham police cruiser sneaks up behind me and the conversation goes something like this.

Officer: Are you OK?
Me: I'm fine.
Officer: What are you doing in this business area?
Me: I'm walking.
Officer: Can you please stop walking off?  Do you have any identification?
Me: I don't have to show you any identification.  Just leave me alone. I'm on a public roadway.
The officer just simply won't leave me alone to continue my walk.  The officer exits his cruiser at this point. I pull out my small voice recordear in my right hand and ....
Me: You are being recorded and anything you say can be used against you.
Officer: Please turn it off because I don't want to be recorded.
Me: The law stipulates that I only have to tell you that I am recording you.  You can stop talking if you wish.
Officer: Why are you giving me this attitude?
I ask the officer his name and he refuses to give it to me but shines his flashlight on his shirt. Being near sighted, I have to get close to him to read his shirt and I spook him.

At this point, the officer grabs my right arm (first physical contact).  I then react by taking my left hand and was going to pry off his thumb from my wrist and brushed his arm and he let go.

He then tells me that what I just did was assault and battery.

The conversation goes on or a few more minutes and a second officer shows up. Brett Poirier

Officer: Why won't you identify yourself?
Me: If you want my identification, you'll have to arrest me.
Officer: OK, turn around....

and he cuffs me. Patts me down all over looking for contraband, including my genitalia.

I get taken to the Framingham police station. Sadly, the police department runs Windows on their laptops.

While I am being booked, Sergeant Esposito sees me and starts harassing me.

Some of the comments she made were:

You ought to be more respectful of us men and women in blue.
You ought to be ashamed of some of those things you said against us.
I can't believe some of the things you say about us.
You better behave here because you're now in my house.

While being booked, Reardon patted down my genitalia two more times. A total of three times.  Wasn't once enough?  Was he expecting something to grow?  Jeez! Is he gay?  Reardon took note of my pocket knife and referred to it as a weapon.

They removed all my personal possessions including my shoes so I would not hurt myself with them, and my belt so I wouldn't hang myself.  They also removed my glasses so I couldn't see.  They wouldn't even let me keep my Chapstick.

I was fingerprinted using a finger print scanner.

I was given the opportunity to call someone and failed, but Officer Reardon specifically told me that I would have to start the conversation by saying this call is recorded, or he would hang up the call.

Just before being placed in a cell, Officer Reardon apologized to me for arresting me. I thought that rather odd.  Of course, an apology merely lays the groundwork for the next offense.

I was placed in Framingham Gulag Cell number 9..... whose toilet was was pretty slimy. There were stains all over it.  There was no mattress, or pillow, just one blanket and a concrete bed.  It was now about 0430.

It looked like a 6x8 cube with high walls and clear door.  A camera is on the ceiling so they watch you do private things.....  I wonder if they record this stuff and take it home?

After taking a nap, I introduced myself to the Texas Inmate Phone System phone that is in each cell.  You have to always hold down the red button, then press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, then press 3 for a person to person call.  Presumably, the red button records everything.

Around 0900, I was once again cuffed and taken to Framingham District Court.  The cruisers do not offer seat belt protection for vicious inmates like myself.  Come to think of it, the back seat is really a plastic bench.

All my possessions travelled with me except the tape recorder and a small flashlight which was held as "evidence against me".  That recording I made better still be there when I get it back or else they have destroyed evidence.

My feet were shackled and I was placed in a big holding pen that I had to myself for about 10 minutes before I had to share.

I finally got to see a judge who set me free and told me to show up on July 24rd for a pre-trial conference.  I was given all my possessions but only after I passed the metal detector, because one of my possessions is a pocket knife, which we all know is a dangerous weapon and we all know that dangerous weapons are not allowed in the court house.

My normal walking path each and every day that it's humanly possible.

Google map view of image above

Google map view of arrest point (center of image)

When it comes to harrasment, who decides that harassment occurs. Should it be the person committing the harassment or the person receiving the harassment?

The Framingham police have discovered that if you ignore the 10,000 or more illegal aliens living in Framingham, they have plenty of time on their hands to deal with law abiding people walking in the early morning hours.  What a worthless department.

The rationalization of a wellness check doesn't fly since I was about 3 minutes away from a Dunkin Donuts.  I would never have been arrested at Dunkin Donuts for walking in their parking lot.

When did the police start getting into the Nanny business?

Being near sighted, I have to get close to see something close. My glasses are more for driving

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