Dear Framingham Police Chief
Thanks for pointing out that your are jewish. This states that your superstitious beliefs included the big sky fairy called YahWeh and you use the jewish calendar based on the creation date. Now I understand the religious bias behind police log entries on wellness checks of jewish temples but not other churches.

The notion that you are jewish does not in any way exclude you from behaving like a Nazi and that is my point.

Perhaps you are trying to tell me that your imaginary friend is bigger than mine.....but I'm an atheist and I don't have an imaginary friend. As such, it seems meaningless for you to tell me you are jewish, but nevertheless, I changed the imagery on this page to show my sensitivity to you as a jew. I do admit that it is a very small itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, microscopic scintilla of sensitivity, but it is, in essense, the same level of sensitivity you and your heavily armed staff have shown me

I do find it odd that this story on my three year old web page makes the front page above the fold the same day that your gun-waving urinating officers make it below the fold! Somebody was doing some nice press manipulation.

You do not understand and cannot be made to understand the sense of repugnance I experienced when your staff member Gregory Reardon arrested me and went out of his way to prosecute me.

This is when I realized that you have vindictive idiots on your staff.

I'll be delighted to get rid of these images and the swastika under the following conditions.

  1. We have a open and public discussion before the Board of Selectman and Town Manager about my arrest on June 15, 2007 and you can all answer the following innocent questions.

    1. Is it illegal to walk at 4 AM in the morning?

    2. Is anyone required by law to identify themselves to the police when asked?

    3. What was the probable cause to stop me during my walk?

    4. Since police do law enforcement, what law was Reardon enforcing when he stopped me?

    5. Did I violate any law before Reardon forcibly stopped me?

    6. Did Gregory Reardon know who I was?

    7. Do you suppose my arrest was political retribution for being a Framingham police critic?

    8. When I was arrested, you were quite proud of Reardon's work . That shows motive.

    9. Is it appropriate for Kathy Esposito to make remarks as she did when I was arrested? . More motive. Why is she still employed?

    10. What exactly was accomplished by arresting me?

    11. Tell me again why you are keeping an intelligence file on me and Jim Rizoli and others? Please don't spare any details.

    12. How many others have been picked off the streets by your well armed staff for merely walking on the streets of Framingham early in the morning?

  2. In addition, you'll have to identify the police thug who tried to mug me in that Dunkin Donuts robbery incident on May 25, 2008. . This was clear harrassment by your staff and more than likely authorized by you.... but we can discuss the fine points in a public forum where it can be recorded and may be used against you in a court of law. This should not be an issue for such a big brave police officer like yourself.

  3. Why is Owen Babineau, your badge thug still employed by your police force. I see the penalties for abuse of police powers are negligible. Did you even send him a letter of reprimand or would that be too harsh?

How about it? A public discussion with me, and I pull down the images. Deal? I'd like to think we are both men of reason but in case I am wrong, I dare you, I triple dog dare you.

We can then spend an hour discussing your officers parking in handicap, fire lanes, and hanging out at Dunkin Donuts for an hour at the beginning of their shift, all at taxpayers expense.

Meanwhile, you can take your latest veiled threats against my freedom and my freedom of speech and place them where the sun don't shine.

By the way, how are your two gun-waving PeeWee Herman Pull Toy boys? .

Must be nice to be on paid leave (vacation) after brandishing their guns against innocent civilians Are the two officers taking in some sun on the cape while raking in taxpayers money?

Lastly, thanks for your utter and complete failure in enforcing illegal immigration laws. Are you surprised that our school budget is out of control. It results from your lack of enforcement of illegal immigration. Have you considered a job in your home town of Hopkington? I'll give you a recommendation so we can replace you with someone more competent.

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