65 Delmar Avenue
                                               Framingham, MA 01701
                                               June 18, 2008

        Officer Gregory Reardon
        1 William Welch Way
        Framingham, MA 01702

        Dear Mr. Reardon

        Unfortunately, I cannot thank you for stopping me during my morning
        walk on June 15, 2007 without probable cause.

        You claimed that you stopped me on a wellness check.  Can you
        define a law that permits you to stop someone on this basis?

        I was wondering if you might be aware that there is no legal
        requirement for anyone to identify themselves when asked by the
        police?  You asked me about 6-7 times for identification.

        When you stopped me, were you not holding me against my will while
        you repeatedly asked me for ID?

        You stated that you did not want to be recorded.  Why not?  Are
        you truly afraid of what it is you say?  Are you not sufficiently
        professional in your duties?

        You clearly overheard Sergeant Esposito's comments to me when I
        was being booked.  Did you note any of her remarks in any of your
        documentation of my arrest?

        Would you be interested in discussing your police tactics in a
        public forum?  Or would you prefer to hide behind your police badge?

        Alternatively, we could discuss the issues before the Framingham
        Board of Selectman.

        If you are so confident of your skills as an experienced law
        enforcement officer, you should not any trepidations on
        discussing your tactics in a public forum like a local cable TV
        show.  Would you like to debate the issues of freedom and the
        Constitutional rights we all have, probable cause, etc. versus
        Framingham police tactics of bogus charges?

        In essence, will you stand by your comments (in the recording)
        in a public forum?  I'd like to engage you in a public debate on this
        arrest.  The issues would be probable cause and whether one has to
        provide identity.  We can also discuss the appropriateness of
        Sergeant Esposito's comments during my booking. 

        You patted down my genitalia three times all together. 
        Did you enjoy doing that?  Are you gay?

        Would you care to explain why you apologized to me for arresting me?
        Why would you apologized to someone you just arrested for assaulting
        and battering you?  I do not accept apologies from those whose
        actions were taken with malice and intent.

        Did you take the SATs in high school?  What scores did you get in
        the math and verbal parts?

                                               Sincerely yours,

                                               Harold J. Wolfe


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