On a rainy September 12, 2009, I inadvertently parked in a handicap slot. The sign on the pavement was very worn and the rain reflection erased the rest of it. It's not like I enjoy paying $200 fines. (Click on pictures to get full size image)

After leaving a citation on my windshield, Officer Kenneth Blass dropped into Dunkin's to tell me I was parked in handicap. He obviously knew who I was.

I had a run in with him back on July 24, 2009 at another Dunkin Donuts on Route 9 by Framingham Ford. Just because I showed up and interrupted his desired hour long coffee break, he was in a real pissy mood. We never exchanged words.

Needless to say, I immediately paid the ticket so I could get on the moral high ground and call these officers and Framingham's police chief Steven B. Carl stupid hyprocrites

Now, let us go back in time to September 1, 2009 (two weeks prior) to examine some pictures I took in the same shopping center.

A Framingham police cruiser in the Trifecta of parking.

(Click on picture for full image)

  • Notice the fire lane
  • Notice the handicap sign
  • Notice the small No Parking sign

Well, lookee, here

Officer Kenneth Blass with his coffee (he tried to avoid being in this picture).

Now Officer Kenneth Blass gets into his cruiser.

He's probaby thinking.....

What a great job I have. I can take a coffee break first thing in the morning after rollcall and I can park anywhere I want to. It doesn't get any better than this.

Dedicated to Excellence in Public Service.

Does Officer Kenneth Blass take college level courses under the Quinn bill? Is he learning anything?

Officer Kenneth Blass would like some respect from the community. Do you think he should get it? Nah! The next time you see Officer Kenneth Blass, please feel free to call him a hypocrite.

As usual, Dunkin Donuts gets exceptional protection from the Framingham police as they take their first coffee break only 20 minutes after their shift starts at 0745.

By posting this web page, I end up getting a friendly letter from Steven Carl and a refund.

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