Kathy Esposito came onto my radar back in June 15, 2007 when shithead Gregory Reardon arrested me. When I was still handcuffed and being booked, Kathy Esposito came out from the front of police station to give me a tongue lashing about my criticism of the Framingham police. She exercised her free speech under the color of law and I am now exercising my free speech under the color of civilians. If she had kept her mouth shut, she would not be on my radar, but no, she had to open her big mouth. (Yack! Yack!)

Then one day in 2009, Kathy Esposito made a mistake by accepting detail work right in front of my house. I just sat on my front steps and went click, click, click with my camera.

Kathy Esposito now thinks I have an all consuming rage against the Framingham police, when in fact, they consume about one percent of my time.

Atheism, courts, and technology are far, far bigger time consumers. Excess technology is killing me.

We have a hands down winner in the ugly category.

Beware of SADD (Severe Appearance Deficit Disorder)
Sgt. Kathy Esposito is one of those in our species (I think) whose gender identification is problematic at best.

She might be an escapee from the Center For The Visually Unpleasant.

She's not exactly a Limited Edition Condom Packing Barbie Doll.

I guess she is what Michael calls a Trophy wife.

Kathy and Michael could run a sobriety checkpoint. Michael could ask the driver pulled over

Do you find my wife attractive and would you sleep with her?

If the driver said yes, it should be clear that he had too much too drink and he should be hauled in.

Do they have lights on, bagless sex?

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