Date of Report: 11/03/2014
Middlesex, MA
Offenses: TRESPASS

Officer Narrative: ESPOSITO, KATHY, Badge 243

On Wednesday October 29, 2014 I Sgt. Kathryn Esposito was working a paid detail for Consigli Construction at Logan Express Construction site, 1 Worcester Rd. I was assigned to Gate #2 (Burr St.) I was standing outside this Gate waiting for tractor trailer trucks to arrive and assist them as they backed into this gate. These trucks were carrying oversized pre-cast cement structures for this construction project.

At approximately 15:30 hrs. I observed Harold J. Wolfe standing across the street on the corner of Ring Rd next to Joe's Bar and American Grill taking photos with a camera aimed at my location. There was another male subject standing next to Wolfe. Sgt. Michael Esposito had arrested Wolfe earlier in the day at this location (see report). Laborer Shop Stewart, Anthony Gines then approached my location at Gate 2. He became concerned and also alerted me that Wolfe was back taking photos.

I walked across the street towards Wolfe's location. As I got closer, I then recognized the second male subject known to me as Jim Rizoli(DOB: 9/9/52). Both turned upon seeing me and walked away towards the parking lot closest to DSW Shoe Store in Shopper's World. Mr. Rizoli then turned around to face me and stopped. I said hello to Mr. Rizoli and asked him what was going on. Mr. Rizoli stated that he had just picked up Wolfe from court and Wolfe wanted to take pictures of the location of where he was arrested. Rizoli stated that Wolfe was going to sue for false arrest.

I explained to Mr. Rizoli that Wolf was not falsely arrested and that there was probable cause for his arrest for disorderly conduct and trespassing on posted property and refusing to leave after being told several times to do so. I asked Mr. Rizoli what his relationship was with Wolfe and he told me that he was Wolfe's only friend. Rizoli stated that he did not have a problem with me or other officers of the Framingham Police Department. During the course of our conversation, He told me that I did not have to address him as "Mr. Rizoli" but could call him "Jim". I thanked him and said out of respect, I would continue to address him as "Mr. Rizoli". He told me that Wolfe is just crazy. I asked him why he would then get involved. Rizoli stated what would you do if you were his only friend? I told Mr. Rizoli that I did not have any problem with him either and that he should advise Wolfe to stop targeting the police and seek psychiatric help for him. He stated that his arrest today was ridiculous and it would be thrown out. Rizoli asked me,"Do you know the best way to handle Harold?" He then stated that we should just ignore him. He further stated that Wolfe hates us (the police) and it all stems from his first arrest.

I explained to Mr. Rizoli that it was again Mr. Wolfe's actions that got him arrested the first time and that he is his own worst enemy. I explained to Mr. Rizoli that ignoring Wolfe is not the answer. I asked Mr. Rizoli how he would feel if someone (crazy by his own term) stalked him all day taking videos and pictures of him while he worked. I told Mr. Rizoli that we were not looking for revenge against Wolfe, but if he was breaking the law he was going to be treated like anyone else and be arrested. I stated that I was concerned about Wolfe's all-consuming rage against the police and his bizarre behavior. I then thanked Mr. Rizoli for speaking with me.

End of conversation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sgt. Kathryn Esposito #243

How long have you been in the Framingham police department?

What is your educational level?

What was your major and minor field of study in college?

Please tell the court your current expertise and credentials concerning mental illness and insanity?

Do you possess a license to practice psychiatry as part of your police work?

Are you what they call an insanity expert?

Have you ever heard of Nellie Bly, or the Rosehan Experiment?

You stated that I have an all consuming rage?

What is it that I do that makes you believe I have an all consuming rage? Please explain in vivid detail.

You stated that I exhibit bizzare behaviour? Please explain in vivid detail

You stated that you consider me to be my own worst enemy? Can you explain this strange statement? In vivid details, please.

You stated that I hate the police?

I take pictures of you all to exhibit my hate?

I write letters to the editor to exhibit my hate?

How is it that I exhibit hate towards police?

You realize of course, you never ever invite me to your Christmas parties?

Is anyone required to like the police?

Is there some agreement that I signed and agreed to like the police.

Tell us in your own words, why you believe that I hate the police?

You also stated that I should stop targetting the police.

How am I targeting the police? With guns? With cameras?

Is photography a crime?

You stated that I was like stalking you all day?

Could you not get a restraining order against me?

Am I sending you emails to harrass you?

Am I writing you letters to harrass you?

Am I harrassing you personally?

Please explain in vivid detail on an hour by hour basis and

What day this was.

You stated to a friend of mine, Mr. Rizoli, that I should seek psychatric help?

What sort of psychiatric help?

What is it that I do that even suggests I need psychiatric help?

Do you believe I am mentally ill? How can you tell?

Is it my shifty eyes or my curly ears?

Do I suffer from a gathering in my head?

You also stated to Mr. Rizoli that ignoring Wolfe is not the answer?

What is the answer?

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