We have a hands down winner in the ugly category.

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Beware of SADD (Severe Appearance Deficit Disorder)
Sgt. Kathy Esposito is one of those in our species (I think) whose gender identification is problematic at best, and is distinctively aesthetically challenged.

She might be an escapee from the Center For The Visually Unpleasant.

After looking at her, you might be clinically dead for an hour and a half.

Inquiring minds wish to know how much mirror time does this SheDevil takes to uglify herself every day.

A woman in desperate need of more makeup than Tammy Faye, Zsa Zsa and Bozo combined

She's not exactly a Limited Edition Condom Packing Barbie Doll.

I guess she is what Michael calls a Trophy wife.

Kathy and Michael could run a sobriety checkpoint. Michael could ask the driver pulled over

Do you find my wife attractive and would you sleep with her?

If the driver said yes, it should be clear that he had too much too drink and he should be hauled in.

Do they have lights on, bagless sex?

I should send her a niqab.

She wishes she could be ugly for just one day, because this being ugly every day bullshit just fucking sucks!!!

Go ugly somewhere else, you penis curling she-devil.

Admittedly, it is very hard being this ugly. You take 10 selfies and have to delete 12.

People who aren't beautiful usually have great personalities but she is one exceptional bitch.

If she had plastic surgery, she really should fire her platisc surgeon.

Somedays, ugly people look so ugly that even their blow jobs count as anal.

Close up of garden ant

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