Michael Loughman truly represents the Framingham police with his arrogance and absolute contempt of civilians.

You can see it in his face.

I found it amazing to listen to him while he was booking me in some arrest. He was even worse than Kathy Esposito.

Loughman would be good for a position in Internal Affairs so that no complaint against the Framingham police ever sees the light of day.

I had a previous encounter with this idiot.

On Wednesday afternoon, August 19, 2015 he was part of an ensemble of police thugs who kidnapped two kids off my property, without a warrant. This clearly and unambiguously shows that he holds the US Constitution in complete contempt. He is in essence a traitor to the US but he couldn't care less.

He is part of the large ensemble of nitwits, halfwits and dimwits in the lower end of the intelligence spectrum disorder in our Framingham police department.

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