Now that this asshole has been made lieutenant, I can expect him to harass me thru his staff. He'll find a young troublemaker like himself to try to arrest me.

He knew he was doing wrong when he arrested me because he apologised to me for arresting me. Evil is knowing better but doing worse. This guy is just pure unadulterated scum.

He's a perfect match for our temporary police chief, Steven Trask. Two thugs in a pod.

Reardon and Sgt Brown once conspired to give me two tickets in one day. The tickets were dropped for some unknown reason.

Be wary of anything this idiot does. He's eager and probably gets a hardon frequently, depending on how you look at him.

Nothing surprising in the story below.

Reardon probably wanted to know how big this man's penis is to compare it with his own.

Man claims Framingham officers kept him semi-nude after arrest November 27, 2018
Jim Haddadin 617-863-714 4 Metrowest Daily News
FRAMINGHAM - Lawyers representing the city and several police officers have requested a jury trial to resolve allegations raised against them in a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The plaintiff, a former Framingham man named Rondey Chaney, claims Officers Christopher Hendry, Gregory Reardon and Victor Pereira forced him to remain nude from the waist down while they held him in custody in 2014.

Chaney, who now lives in Bellingham, alleges the officers deliberately ignored his requests for clothing while he was detained at the police station, leaving him exposed until after he reached Framingham District Court.

Chaney sued the officers and the town in Middlesex Superior Court in November 2017, alleging they violated state law and his constitutional rights. The officers' alleged conduct was "sadistic and beyond all bounds of reasonable or humane action," according to the complaint, which is now being heard in U.S. District Court in Boston.

In a response filed in court in March, lawyers representing the officers and the city denied nearly all aspects of Chaney's version of events.

The city additionally asserted that the statute of limitations has passed for Chaney to file a lawsuit; that Chaney failed to properly seek damages under the law; and that the individual officers are immune from prosecution because they were acting in their official capacity during the arrest.

"At all relevant times, the Defendants acted in good faith and in accord with the Constitutions and laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," reads the city's response.

According to court records, Hendry and Reardon arrested Chaney on a warrant on Nov. 24, 2014. Chaney was wanted at the time for a probation violation. According to his lawyers, Chaney followed the officers' directions when they showed up at his apartment at 1321 Worcester Road at 6:50 a.m. and placed him in handcuffs.

"Despite plaintiff's repeated requests to be allowed to fully cloth himself, Hendry and Reardon removed him from the apartment with nothing but a small towel wrapped around his lower body," the complaint reads.

The towel later fell to the floor of an elevator, leaving Chaney naked from the waist down, according to his complaint. Chaney alleges the officers then intentionally ignored his requests to be clothed.

"At the police station the plaintiff remained naked from the waist down as he was removed from the police vehicle, walked into the station and processed, placed in a cell, and subsequently as he was removed from the cell and transported to Framingham District Court," the complaint reads.

Chaney maintains that he was exposed in plain view of both men and women during the ordeal. Through his lawyer, he alleges he suffered "extreme embarrassment, humiliation, mortification, outrage, helplessness, and emotional distress," which continue to cause him "great pain of body and mind."

"There was no legal justification for the conduct of the officers, and no reasonable officer would engage in or tolerate such conduct nor could any officer reasonably believe that such conduct was lawful," the complaint reads.

Chaney alleges officers Hendry, Reardon and Pereira violated his rights under the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. He also accuses the officers of violating his rights under the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act by punishing him without legal cause. Additionally, the suit alleges invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress by the officers, and negligence by the municipality for allegedly failing to properly train and supervise the officers.

The city and the individual officers are being represented by John J. Cloherty III, of Pierce Davis & Perritano, the Boston firm hired to represent them through the city's insurance coverage. A phone call placed to Cloherty's office Tuesday afternoon was not returned.

Framingham Police Chief Steven Trask declined to comment on the incident, citing the pending lawsuit.

Chaney is represented by lawyers Robert Scott and Hector Pineiro, of Worcester.

The parties are next due to appear in court Feb. 11, 2019 for a status conference.

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