November 12, 2014

Criminal complaints against Sergeant Scott Brown, #253

MGL-272-99   Wiretap

MGL-265-37   Violation of constitutional rights

At the time of my arrest around 1025 on 10/29/2014, Sergeant Scott Brown appeared in his black car and half-assed black ninja outfit and while I was standing next to the arresting officer and handcuffed, I witnessed Sergeant Scott Brown either taking pictures of me or video taping me with a whitish cellphone. Who will he send these videos/pictures to? Check his home computer/cellphone if you dare or does the DA's office (Marian T. Ryan) protect police officers. If he was videotaping me, he was wiretapping me without my consent. This is not appropriate behaviour for a police officer to photograph video tape people who have been arrested. Is this against the law? Violation of my privacy under the color of law. Harold J. Wolfe 65 Delmar Ave Framingham, MA 01701 508-877-5541

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