Crime Report June 2006

My assorted notes on our police department. Official Framingham Police web site.
My general comments on crime in Framingham. My two cents on all of this.
Sample daily log file from the police Someone at the Metrowest Daily News looks for arrests and writes up a blurb about them that I then collect and tweak so my Perl program can gather the numbers.
Arrests by the months This table categorizes arrests by totals, homeless, wet shelter residents, etc.
Most frequently arrested individuals List of most recent recycled criminals in our catch and release program.
Most frequent charges This lists the most frequent charges leveled against those arrested.
Driving without a license (mostly illegals) This is a list of sample names of those driving without a license. No John Smith in this list.
Arrests by each hour of the day This is basically a table of arrests by each hour of the day.  Note that no one gets arrested around lunch time. It would seem that either the entire police force is out eating lunch, or all the criminals are out eating lunch.
Addresses of suspects This is a complete list of sorted addresses of those arrested over the course of a year. If someone wants to discover the degree of correlation between these and social service agency addresses, go for it. I intend to use Google maps to do this as my next project. I hope to complete this part later this year.

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