Trio arrested after demanding Framingham police shovel their car out of snow February 3, 2021
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FRAMINGHAM - A Natick woman and two Framingham men were arrested early Tuesday after police say they demanded that officers shovel out their car when it became stuck in snow, blocking traffic.

Police say the situation went downhill when officers told the trio they had to call a tow truck. The suspects' ensuing anger led to their arrests, police spokeswoman Lt. Patricia Grigas said Wednesday.

Police arrested Bianca Torres, 19, of Natick; and Nathaniel Chickering, 18, and Michael Rodriguez, 21, both of Framingham, at 12:34 a.m. Bianca Torres

An officer on patrol came upon a sedan stuck in a snow bank on Concord Street. The car had lost control and crashed into a pile of snow. All three of the vehicle's occupants were trying to push the car from the snow.

"During this time, multiple city and commercial plow vehicles have been at a standstill, both north and southbound on Concord Street," Grigas said.

When the officer tried to speak to the driver, Torres, "the officer was immediately met with angry people demanding (the officer) to get a shovel and help them dig and push the vehicle out of the snowbank," Grigas said.

The officer called for a tow truck and began to direct traffic to try to alleviate traffic-related concerns. But during that time, Torres repeatedly said officers should dig her out. Once the tow truck arrived, Chickering told officers that no one was going to tow the car and then walked into the travel lane to argue, further blocking traffic, Grigas said. Nathaniel Chickering

Because of his behavior, police arrested Chickering. Another passenger, Rodriguez, then tried to get the officers to release Chickering, striking the officer in the stomach, Grigas said. Police then arrested Rodriguez, and when Torres intervened, they arrested her.

Upon searching Chickering, police discovered he possessed a spring-loaded knife.

Police charged Torres, of 31 Union St., Chickering, of 23 Claudette Circle, and Rodriguez, of 12B Belvidere Ave., with disorderly conduct. Michael Rodriguez

Rodriguez was also charged with assault and battery on a police officer and Chickering was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon. All three were scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Framingham District Court. Arraignment results were not immediately available.

Police log files:

2100613  02/02/21   00:26   MV INVEST: CONCORD ST / CORREGIDOR RD (SEE REPORT)
                            953: SHEEHAN 
                            951: LEONE 
                            942: BENJAMIN 
                            944: WRIGHT 
                            950: KHAMPAENG
                            941: MACKEIL 
                            963: MCDONALD
2100613  02/02/21   00:34   ARREST: TORRES, BIANCA 31 UNION ST NATICK, MA
                            DOB:10/02/01 Arrested@ CONCORD ST / CORREGIDOR RD
                            for DISORDERLY CONDUCT Officer: SHEEHAN, MCDONALD
2100613  02/02/21   00:34   ARREST: CHICKERING, NATHANIEL 23 CLAUDETTE CIR
                            FRAMINGHAM, MA DOB:11/11/02 
                            Arrested@ CONCORD ST / CORREGIDOR RD for
                            Officer: SHEEHAN, MCDONALD
2100613  02/02/21   00:34   ARREST: RODRIGUEZ, MICHAEL 12B BELVIDERE AV
                            FRAMINGHAM, MA DOB:11/17/99 
                            Arrested@ CONCORD ST / CORREGIDOR RD for
                            ASSAULT/BAT-Police Officer/Public Employee
                            DISORDERLY CONDUCT Officer: SHEEHAN, LEONE   

Seven police cruisers with flashing lights were more of a hazard than one car in a snow bank. Seven police officers could not help push a car out of a snow bank but they can sure generate a huge blizzard of paper work and ruin peoples lives just to get an arrest record on their resume..

In all honesty, it would have been much better public relations had they actually helped. They could agreed with the three kids to call a tow truck to pull it out and let them go on their way.

A bodycam would have helped here. It would have shown us the police attitude of superiority.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
When all you have is a gun and a badge (and attitude), anyone can be arrested using perverse laws like disorderly conduct and assault and battery (against a police officer), see this idiot.

These police officers getting paid over $100,000 are not hired to be nice and help people in snow banks.

Their real job is to dramatically help the revenues of the court system and the incarceration gulag

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