A week after I file a complaint about a large gathering of police officers at a small Dunkin Donuts the our intrepid police chief decides he wants nothing to do with the public. Parking one of their cruisers in front of the main door is to prevent someone from driving into the station?

I'm guessing a big push by any Ford F-150 could shove that baby cruiser right through the double doors and up to the front desk (the one with bullet proof glass where they normally interact with the public that they so much love).

An awful lot of interesting electronic equipment is right behind the bullet proof glass.

The police chief has a video camera right above his office. He himself is safe (depending on the F-150's cargo) on the second floor corner office.

Parking that cruiser by the front door in itself makes a strong statement about their sentiments on the public. Perhaps our fearless mayor Yvonne Spicer can park a cruiser by her office, with officer Keith Strange in the driver's seat. How about you councillors? Want a protection cruiser?

Most businesses simply post a notice on their front door, but the cruiser says the police have an attitude problem towards the public.

I know that any police officer who feels sick in any way will decide to quarantine themselves so that they can avoid police work.

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