03/15/2020 police log file

03/15/20   07:30   PERSONNEL: 1 WILLIAM WELCH WY (LOGGED) ON DUTY AT 0730: 
                   CO: LT LOUGHMAN, 
                   PS: SGT MCCARTHY (948), SGT PATRIARCA (953), 
                   AREA A: BALDUCCI (949), PORTER (950), 
                   AREA B: BUMA (942), A LEWIS (954), 
                   AREA C: JORDAN (952), LOUD (), 
                   AREA D: FARAZI (941), OCONNELL (969),
                   PELHAM: MOREAU (964), QUINN (970), 
                   DOWNTOWN: WRIGHT (947), 
                   DESK: GATLIN, MCNIFF, OMARA

The cruiser numbers at the Dunkin were: 941, 947, 949, 950 ,964.

I would like to know how long they were there. Dunkins has cameras.

Aside from the fact that your CO failed you, your patrol supervisors failed you and those officers failed you, it's another day in Framingham where the police chief complains about staff shortages.

In our new era of the COVID-19 virus, shouldn't your officers practice social distancing, instead of packing one little Dunkin's store.

We poor civilians barely had any parking spaces.

As always, the Framingham police are Proudly Serving The Community.

Then on 20200321, the police station closes . Chuckle, chuckle!

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