The NYPD officer Jason Rivera Funeral

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The story by a local paper.

NYPD has 36,000 sworn officers. Sworn law enforcement officers are those who have taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, their state, and the laws of their agency's jurisdiction.

A piece of contextual information. Officer Rivera's partner was also killed. He donated his organs which will be used to save the lives of 5 people.

I guess there's a small silver lining that with his death several more people get to live now, despite how sad it is. It's why I'm an organ donor myself, if I'm going to be dead, I'd at least like for my death to mean other people can live.

Of course, some nefarious individuals will make valiant attempts to increase the vital organ banks for their family and friends by shooting police officers. To some, your life may not be relevant, but you are seen as more valuable for your organs. Any police officer should not advertise that they are organ donors.

The trouble with large police funerals is this concept of creating solidarity in the police ranks so that we, the great unwashed masses sans culotte can also understand that this police officer is a member of a very large well armed gang demanding solidarity in its ranks.

All the evil that any one police officer (as an example) perpetrates is a reflection of the entire group. If the group wants cohesion and solidarity so be it. Beware of the consequences of what you want.

I agree with the actress who complained that they shut down the city for one fucking cop?.

You may notice that only a very few of these idiots are wearing face masks.

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