Way, way back in September 2015, there was a hint that corruption was breaking out in the Framingham police department when its its evidence room was allegedly robbed by its caretaker, Al Dubeshter. was placed on administrative leave for seven months until April 29, 2016, perhaps to allow him to complete a 30 year career.

Later we learn that deputy police chief Kevin J. Slattery was placed on leave without reason.

Now, along comes Ken (Bozo) Ferguson, our inept police chief and our idiot town manager and the Board of Selectman telling us that nothing can be confirmed or denied.

These politicians and police chief are all telling us the taxpayers to accept this theft as a joke.

Stephen Cronin is the Commander of Administrative Services and is Al Dubeshter's boss, and he is also the Framingham Police spokesperson.

He's very close to our idiot police chief Ken Ferguson . They frequently hobnob. You can bet he knows a lot more than he's saying.

The apparent inactions by the Framingham Board of Selectmen, Framingham Town Counsel Christopher Petrini, town manager Robert Halpin and every member of Framingham's finest invertebrates known as Town Meeting, shows that they're content with the services, quality, management, performance, advancement, talent acquisition, retention, integrity, honesty and theft/corruption level of the Framingham police.

In defense of the Board of Selectmen, It is a commonly held assumption that the Board of Selectmen are at the dim end of the animal intelligence spectrum.

You just have to love the corruption in our Town Manager, Robert Halpin and our Town Counsel, Christopher Petrini and Brian Simoneau for not speaking out against this evidence room theft.

This man doesn't need $300 million as he claims he does.
What he really needs in Minoxidol. Send him some.

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