Assistant to the Chief

Working as a confidential employee, the Assistant to the Chief provides specialized legal, administrative,
and technical support to the Police Chief. The Assistant reports directly to the Chief and, concentrating in
such areas as legal matters, labor relations, technology, liability reduction, he assists in the overall
administration of the Department. He also provides specialized legal consultation, advice, and assistance
on a 24-hour basis, to the Chief, command staff, and other Department members, as required. The Assistant
to the Chief works in concert with the Department's command staff on sensitive matters such as internal
affairs and professional standards investigations. You can reach the Assistant to the Chief at 508-532-5912.

According to this article, Brian Simoneau is the Assistant to the Chief and he seems to have smeared his corporate logo feces pretty much everywhere.

One has to ask how much of a conflict of interest this is to the town. Imagine if you will the advantage
this guy has when a drunk is pulled over.

He seems to be paid by the police department (under Carl's ever watchful eye) while he is collecting his hourly rates.
In addition, Brian Simoneau provides legal advice and services to area towns in an effort to
terminate police officers but also holds himself out as a labor law attorney defending police officers.

I wonder if anyone has reported this behavior to the ethics commision?

Double dipping?

Violating the lawyers code of ethics?

Carl's assistant possibly violating criminal laws all under the watchful and supportive eye of the
police chief and the town managers.

Why is he not working for the town's legal department?

Brian E. Simoneau
68 Alqoquin Trail. Ashland, MA 01721 508-881-1119
121 Cedar Street, Ashland, MA 01721 508-881-1119

Brian E Simoneau, Esq.
161 Worcester Rd., Suite 200
Framingham, MA 01701

Phone: 508-881-1119
Fax: 508-302-0212
Phone: 508-656-0057

161 Worcester Rd., Suite 200
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 508-656-0057
Fax: 508-302-0212
Phone: 508-656-0057

161 Worcester Rd., Suite 200
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 508-881-1119

161 Worcester Rd., Suite 200
Framingham, MA 01701

161 Worcester Rd., Suite 200
Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 508-656-0057
Fax: 508-302-0212
Phone: 508-656-0057

Lt. Vincent Stuart seems to have a bone of contention with Brian Simoneau.

25 Investigates: Assistant to police chief pulled over drivers September 4, 2017
Blair Miller, Erin Smith
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - A town employee at the Framingham Police Department has been disciplined for using racially offensive language, 25 Investigates has uncovered.

In May, Boston 25 News Anchor Blair Miller first reported on the controversy surrounding Brian Simoneau, the assistant to the Framingham Police Chief with a police badge, a police gun and an unmarked police vehicle he used to pull over drivers.

Now, 25 Investigates has learned that Simoneau has been disciplined for using a racial slur.

The latest allegations stem from a lawsuit filed by a retired Framingham police officer. In the court document, Simoneau is accused of calling then-President Barack Obama the "head n— in charge" - using a racial slur.

The comments were made in 2015 but are just coming out now.

Framingham's town manager told 25 Investigates he only recently learned about it.

He said Simoneau was disciplined but wouldn't provide details, saying in a statement, "Upon investigation of the statement, the Chief of Police took decisive action in the form of discipline. We do not disclose the specifics of personnel actions involving individual employees."

25 Investigates also reached out to Simoneau.

In emails to 25 Investigates, Simoneau defended using the slur, saying, "I quoted a line from Morgan Freeman in the movie 'Lean on Me,' which positively portrays the African-American Principal of a New Jersey High School. This movie quote wasn't said in a pejorative or hateful manner."

Simoneau added, "Any accusation or suggestion that I am a racist is completely false."

A lawyer for Framingham says Simoneau has been mischaracterized over his use of the slur, which he said was taken out of context. He said Simoneau's use of the slur "was not racially motivated."

The Framingham Police Superior Officers Association, a police union, condemned Simoneau's use of the slur and said the discipline he received was "inadequate."

"The Town of Framingham should refuse to allow such hateful comments amongst any of its employees, but especially among high ranking members of the police command staff," wrote Sgt. Scott A. Brown, president of the union.

Framingham Police Chief Kenneth Ferguson told 25 Investigates he has zero tolerance for racially offensive language and immediately opened an investigation after learning about the accusations.

Ferguson also said he's looking for training related to this issue for his staff.

This isn't the first time Simoneau has come under scrutiny.

In May, 25 Investigates uncovered that Simoneau had been pulling over drivers and responding to police scenes as a "special police officer."

Simoneau's official title is assistant to the police chief - his $111,000 town job.

That salary is on top of the $300 weekly stipend he gets as a lawyer for the Framingham Police Department. Simoneau is also an unpaid special police officer with a police badge and a police gun and a fully equipped unmarked police vehicle.

The town's lawyer told 25 Investigates at the time that Simoneau has some law enforcement background and firearm training, but Framingham Sgt. Scott Brown, president of the Framingham Police Superior Officers Association, says his union sent a letter to the chief two years ago warning that Simoneau was "responding to police calls for service and is not a police officer."

Letter from a concerned citizen October 11,2017
Harold J. Wolfe
Apparently Attorney Brian Simoneu did not learn his lesson after refering to President Obama as the HNIC, for which he served 5 measly days off.

Today, on his FB page, he commented this clip from the HBO TV Show "Sopranos":

The clip shows Tony Soprano talking about his views on his friend Vito coming out as a Homosexual.

Brian Simoneau comments "Frankly, I think they go about in pity for themselves".

Brian Simoneau thinks that gay people go about in PITY for themseves...Nice

Is the MWDN going to follow up on this racist homophobic employee?

Also, as a result of Brian Simoneau's comments, Chief Ferguson scheduled Diversity Training for FPD employees.

Yesterday morning, at the beginning of a series of classes on diversity, Brian Simoneau attended at 8:00AM, when he was not scheduled to attend.

As a result of Brian showing up, several African American Officers, Lt Baker and Lt Wareham became visibly and vocaly upset at his presence there and walked out of the class with several other officers.

So much for diversity training.

On 9/7/17 at 2:42 PM, cheryl ryan wrote:

Yes, there was mention of it , however, Brian Simoneau, a town employee and police officer, has admitted to it and gets 5 days and the news doesn't report on it as a separate story?

The Police Chiefs aide uses racist language and keeps his job?

I think the citizens of Framingham deserve better from a Police Officer/attorney and we deserve a follow up.

Thank you Cheryl

Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2017 at 6:20 PM
From: "Haneisen, Robert"
To: "cheryl ryan"
Cc:, "Anne Brennan" , "Miller, Norman"
Subject: Re: Racism

Cheryl: We reported on this back in July. Here's the link to the story.

On Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 12:16 PM, cheryl ryan Metrowest Daily News,

Last week, Fox25 ran a second segment on Framingham Special Police Officer and Attorney Brian Simoneau. Mr. Simoneau is Chief Ferguson's Aide.

The latest segment dealt with Mr. Simoneau's use of a racist and vulgar term towards President Obama.

In a meeting with Rank Police Officers, Mr. Simoneau refered to President Obama as the HNIC and when asked to clarify, he stated " you know, the head nigger in charge".

Sadly, not one Police Officer present reported the matter in an official capacity as per the Town of Framingham Policy on workplace Harassment and it took over a year and several Federal Lawsuits for the incident to come to public light.

Chief Ferguson, who was aware of the incident, waited over a year and only after the Fox25 segment aired, to "punish" Mr. Simoneau for his racist comments.

Mr. Simoneau received 5 suspension days of his choosing and is back at work collecting his pay as an Attorney and Special Police Officer for the Town of Framingham.

I find it reprehensible that The Town of Framingham employs an individual that uses such language and has a gun and a badge.

Since many people in our community do jot watch Fox25, im respectfully requesting that the news follow up with an article in your paper so as to inform the citizenry.

Framingham...Hate Has no Home Here..Except the Framingham Police Dept.

Chery Ryan

*Rob Haneisen*
Deputy Dir. Multimedia - West Unit
MetroWest Daily News, Milford Daily News
Twitter: @Rob_HaneisenMW

25 Investigates: Assistant to police chief pulled over drivers May 24, 2017
Blair Miller, Erin Smith
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - An assistant to a local police chief has been pulling over drivers and responding to police scenes, 25 Investigates uncovered.

Boston 25 News Anchor Blair Miller has been digging into questions about police powers given to "special police officers" for months and found police chiefs have broad discretion when it comes to handing out badges and guns.

In Framingham, one special police officer has a badge, an unmarked police vehicle and even a gun.

That special police officer - Brian Simoneau - pulled over driver Cristian Albizurez in 2015.

Albizurez told 25 Investigates an SUV cut him off, so he honked his horn at the vehicle - which he later learned was an unmarked police vehicle driven by Simoneau.

"That turned out to be a mistake because sirens start blaring," said Albizurez.

Simoneau wasn't wearing a uniform when he ticketed Albizurez for failing to yield at an intersection. Simoneau's official title is assistant to the police chief - his $111,000 town job.

That salary is on top of the $300 weekly stipend he gets as a lawyer for the Framingham Police Department.

Simoneau is also an unpaid special police officer with a badge and a police gun.

Police expert raises concerns

"I've never heard of such a thing because it simply doesn't make good police practice sense," said Tom Nolan.

Nolan is a 27-year veteran of the Boston Police Department and former lieutenant and questions why Simoneau has been given police powers, including making traffic stops.

"If he shoots someone, it's a huge liability for the town," said Nolan. "Any chief could see this - any line supervisor could see that this is just a bad idea and the potential is there for missteps."

Each community sets its own rules for special police officers, but these officers largely go untracked by the state.

In Massachusetts, state law exempts all special officers from police academy training, but a lawyer for Framingham told 25 Investigates Simoneau trained as a reserve cop, has taught police training classes and once served as a part-time officer in two Central Massachusetts towns.

Simoneau hasn't just been pulling over drivers. Special officer responded to police scenes

25 Investigates obtained dispatch recordings showing Simoneau responding to police scenes. During one call on May 1, 2015, he tried to slow other officers heading to the scene of an alleged assault:

SIMONEAU: All units responding to Dom's can slow down. Slow your response. It's under control.
DISPATCHER: Uh, who's this? We don't have you on the roster here.
SIMONEAU: Brian Simoneau

Framingham Sgt. Scott Brown, president of the Framingham Police Superior Officers Association, says his union sent a letter to the chief two years ago warning that Simoneau was "responding to police calls for service and is not a police officer" The letter also stated that Simoneau had "no in-service trainings."

Brown said there is no public safety reason why Simoneau would need to carry a badge and police gun.

"For whatever reason, the chief wants to allow this," said Brown. "I think common sense would say, 'Does it seem like the right thing?' Because it doesn't to me."

Officer has past history of suspensions and reprimands

25 Investigates also learned Simoneau was suspended at least twice and reprimanded three times while working as a part-time reserve officer in Hubbardston in the mid-1990s.

25 Investigates anonymously received Simoneau's disciplinary records - later authenticated by the former Hubbardston police chief who wrote them.

The files show Simoneau was written up for causing an accident by "misuse of a blue light" in his personal vehicle and for illegally taking a driver's license away from a driver he pulled over and keeping it.

Simoneau was also reprimanded for holding an unauthorized gun training exercise with teenagers at night without the chief's knowledge or parental approval.

The police chief at the time wrote that Simoneau "unnecessarily endangered these kids."

Simoneau eventually resigned in Hubbardston after less than two years

Lawyer and town defend 'special police officer'

A lawyer for the Town of Framingham said Simoneau disputes these complaints from more than 20 years ago and said he has a strong record of performance as a police officer.

25 Investigates asked the Framingham Police Chief for a sit-down interview. He agreed, but then later called back to cancel.

In a statement, Framingham Chief Ken Ferguson told 25 Investigates Simoneau "has sufficient training and experience to serve as a special police officer."

The Framingham Town Manager told us he stands by the chief and said Simoneau was appointed a special police officer in 2001.

"I support the chief of police in his decision making and in my interaction with him, he has assured me that Brian Simoneau meets all of the qualifications to be a reserve, intermittent, special police officer," said Town Manager Robert Halpin. 'Trained and qualified with the firearm'

Brian Simoneau declined interview requests, but 25 Investigates caught up with him outside the Framingham Police Department.

When asked why he has a badge and police gun, Simoneau would only say, "It was issued to me by my employer, the Framingham Police Department."

He also told 25 Investigates, "I'm trained and qualified with the firearm. I've met the qualification standards."

The town gave Simoneau a police gun just two years ago and records obtained by 25 Investigates show Simoneau completed 20 hours of reserve officer firearms training for Framingham in April 2015.

He also completed 96 hours of reserve police basic training in 1993, according to state records.

That was enough training for reserve officers at the time, but that's far different from the 372 hours of training required for reserve officers today. And that's only a portion of the 920 academy hours required for full-time police officers.

When asked whether he should be pulling people over and giving citations, Simoneau told 25 Investigates, "I need to go because I'm late for a meeting. So I have to go."

Cristian Albizurez paid his ticket, but now questions whether he should have been pulled over in the first place.

"Now I feel like strongly I was not at fault," said Albizurez. "(I'm) not angry - just very surprised and shocked that this could even happen."

A lawyer for the town insists that Simoneau is qualified to be a special police officer. He let 25 Investigates look at Simoneau's training records but wouldn't allow any copies to be made or for the records to be taken out of his office.

The lawyer also says Simoneau is being unfairly targeted because he's named in a lawsuit filed by a former Framingham officer.

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