Stupid Money Wasting Monument in front of the Framingham Police headquarters
In front of the Framingham police headquarters at 1 William Welch Way, Framingham 01702 , there is a small monument that states

In memoriam dedicated to the deceased members of the Framingham Police Department

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This is in memory of any Framingham police officer who died of any cause including any Darwin Award type crass stupidity. This is yet another way that the police unions try to make us believe that they die to protect us The little flag shows the emblem of the Framingham Police Association which started in 1928.

For the record, only one Framingham police officer has died in the line of duty and that was William Welch .

From my observations of the police, I would be willing to wager good money that many police officers die from hyperglycemia (too much glucose in their blood) from their legendary visits to donut shops. This also pushes them into becoming oversized cholesterol wads. Others die from gun cleaning accidents. See Dangerous Occupations.

The most dangerous work the police do is detail work. If they do not pay attention (as in talk on their cellphone ), they may get hit by a car. Of course, they fight each year to maintain their monopoly on this detail work. If injured while doing detail work, it should be called self-inflicted.

Imagine if you will if each department in town decided to utilize taxpayers monies to build monuments to their deceased members. Can you imagine one for the Town Clerk's office and one for deceased dog catchers.

I would vote for a big monument in front of town hall that states:

In memoriam dedicated to the deceased taxpayers of Framingham who were forced to pay taxes throughtout their lives to support this mediocrity.

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