Wolfe: Does Framingham need more police? March 17, 2013
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
I hear tell that Framingham wants to hire seven new police officers to bring the town closer to national standards that were most likely written by police unions themselves. So hiring police officers has nothing whatsover to do with any crime statistics, which is interesting since our police chief doesn't provide any statistics in the annual report anymore. Last time they were there, crime was falling across the board.

Dennis Giombetti stated that hiring more officers will pay dividends for Framingham. I couldn't agree more. The taxpayers will shell out some $400,000 more, more Framingham residents will be shot and killed by police officers, more police cruisers will be trashed and more Framingham residents will be hit by police that don't know how to drive.

Dunkin Donuts business will be better, the Jewish temples will be more closely guarded, and those questionable "wellness checks" to circumvent probable cause will increase. The number of police details will increase, and lastly our unconstitutional forfeitures funds that should be deposited in the town's general fund will increase ($825,000 in 2012).

I suppose we should be grateful that those coffee sipping, donut sucking, tax-wasting officers actually respond to dispatch calls from the back of parking lots. Police are a necessary evil, but an evil nevertheless.

Correct me if I am wrong, but in the past 10 years, more people have died from gun violence from our 140-man police force than all the other 67,860 Framingham citizens (not counting illegals) combined.



Along comes an anonymous coward becauseican who states....

This idiot clearly did not do enough time in jail.... Or maybe that's why he hates the cops so much as the busted his sorry excuse of self last year...... This is when AND ONLY WHEN, I disagree with Freedom of Speech... Go back to jail do some REAL TIME- you might start to shut up!

His name alone shows he's a cowardly anonymous police officer who has no respect for the First Amendment, even if he did take an oath to protect it. Actually he may never have read the US Constitution and may not know how to read.

There is another unethical idiot who calls himself FiveO indicating that he thinks of himself as Steve McGarrett, a fictional character who had ethics. All are anonymous cowards.

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