Framingham's police chief Steven B. Carl wants 30-50 more police officers? To do what exactly? To better enforce immigration laws? Zero effort has been applied to date. To better enforce marijuana laws? No need there. Other drug laws? And mobilize that deadly SWAT team (used three times in 2011 with a 33.3% mortality rate)?

Fifty percent of all Framingham crimes (see occur in a one half mile radius of the police station. If you can't suppress crime within visual range of the police chief's office window, you're not very good at your job, but the jewish facilities get scanned frequently on compliance checks. Carl should first check the tight handicap parking arrangement and seating availability at our Dunkin Donuts, the main police hangouts, which get robbed anyway.

Everyone knows, except those who keep their eyes wide shut, the primary purpose of police in Framingham is to pilfer the taxpayers via detail work. That's where the real money is. Detail work has the pay and benefits without the work or thinking. The difficulty in detail work is staying awake and not getting your toes clipped (Gutwill).

More police officers will only result in much higher incarceration rates. Just what we need. More people will be getting hit by police cruisers (Wright and Guzman), and more cruisers being trashed (Krishtal) while the taxpayers pay more. We already seem to have non-functional license plate scanners, red light cameras and dogs. Now he wants more non-functional officers? I think not.

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