Hold police accountable May 22, 2011
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
In a stunning display of police bravado, on January 5, 2011, an army of 22 officers heavily armed with automatic weapons and four tactical paramedics invade and swarm 26 Fountain St., Framingham. Battering rams and flash-bang grenades are used. The army begins its occupation and the Angel Of Death disguised as Officer Paul Duncan trips and kills Eurie Stamps. No weapons or drugs were found in the house.

Paul Duncan's photo looks like a poster child of a white supremacy group. He did not undergo any drug tests or any test for racism. Paul Duncan and the DA are openly white and the targets happened to be black. Eurie Stamps happened to be black but is now dead. What if Paul Duncan had murdered a white police officer?

Duncan knew that Sahr Josiah was an associate of their targets. Was this really an accident or faked? Police officers, who have generally attended the Marcel Marceau Mime School, will protect their fellow officers in their wrong doing in the well established Blue Code of Silence.

In the past three years, two civilians have been killed by the Framingham police department. Clearly, the Framingham police department now rival criminals, level 3 sex offenders and certainly exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the Framingham public.

At minimum, Paul Duncan should be tried for negligent homicide and his gun permit should be revoked. Unless the Framingham police are penalized (removal of SWAT team), this brutality will repeat itself. Count on it.

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