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Access/One Network OWS 2.0, OWS2400-31 (see Specifications tab)

Outdoor Wireless System OWS2400 Spec Sheet

Framingham Emergency Management Agency (FrEMA) 508-532-5544

One antenna on every 3rd or 4th telephone pole.
Range seems to be about 150-200 feet.
So far, I'm only seeing them on major arteries around town.
They are proliferating like little bunnies.

Each antenna units costs somewhere around $4,500.

According to the 2011 Annual Report, it could be funded through Public Safety Systems or via Wireless Networks.

Frequency Bands: 802.11a - 5.15 - 5.25 GHz,
5.25 - 5.35 GHz- 5.470 - 5.725 GHz (capable),
5.725 - 5.850 GHz 802.11g - 2.4 - 2.462 GHz (Americas, FCC)

  1. Several years ago as the town was trolling the taxpayers for monies for their wireless network, it was suggested that the taxpayers might be able to use it? What has become of that idea?

  2. Do they all feed into the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)?

  3. Once a connection is established on this wireless network, can someone access the world wide web, or does it solely access an town intraweb?

    If it accesses the world wide web, then I guess the police can use their cruiser laptops to browse their Nazi dungeon porn, while parked in the back parking lots.

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Location SSID
Nobscot 8A693

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