Police seek teen who tried to mug jogger in Framingham park November 22, 2010
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FRAMINGHAM -- Police are searching for a teen who attempted to mug a jogger this morning while she ran in Reardon Park.

The teen followed the running woman into the park and tried to steal her iPod around 9:30 a.m., Deputy Police Chief Craig Davis said.

The woman screamed, and her assailant ran away, leaving the iPod, Davis said.

The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 15 years old and heavyset. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a dark hooded sweatshirt. Police found what appeared to be the sweatshirt near Delmar Avenue.

Police are now waiting for a Middlesex Sheriff's Department dog to search the woods for the suspect.

WOW! A 15 year old boy attempts to steal an iPod from a 20 year old girl, she screams and he runs away. She calls 911 and our local police decide they need help in solving this crime of the century.

I was duly impressed by the restraint of our law enforcement agencies. After all, the SWAT team was not called in and there were no helicopters swarming around. In fact, the F-22 Raptor Strike Force was a no-show.

Other than that, the School Resource Officer showed up in his special cruiser.

I would be interested to know how the state police and the Middlesex Sheriff's office got involved. I would guess that Framingham's finest needed help with this vicious wannabe iPod thief.

There were two more cruisers by Reardon Park. I do not believe that the Framingham police took any 8x10 glossy color photographs with a paragraph on the back of each one describing the nature of the crime.

The police went away empty-handed.

How many Framingham and state police officers does it take to catch a teenager? Apparently, more than ten police officers and two doggies.

On November 23rd, the police had two guys peddling around the woods on their bicycles that had cute flashing red and blue lights. Just one day too late to patrol this area. The teen has moved on to other areas.

Framingham police cruisers used to have a logo that said:

Dedicated to Excellence in Public Safety

The new logo now says:

Proudly Serving the Community

Sigh! No more excellence. Just pride.

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