The effect of watching so many videos of terrorist cops brutalizing and murdering men and women, children and pets on a daily basis tends to have a negative impact on my frame of mind and harshes my mellow.

But I have a little coping tip I'd like to share that helps me raise my spirits, because being stuck in negativity and anger isn't healthy.

When ever I watch a disturbing video or read an article about a thug cop terrorizing, brutalizing or murdering people or pets, I go do a news search on the internet about cops being killed or maimed, the more painful the death, the better.

Dying in a fire is a personal favorite of mine.

Recently I read one of a retired cop getting electrocuted by pissing on his running lawn mower.

That makes me feel a lot better and empowers me to face the day with a fresh rejuvenated state of mind, highlighted with a touch of justice.

For instance, I recently watched a video of a terrorist cop tasing and beating a teenager because the cop claimed he smelled marijuana in his car.

This infuriated me and I didn't want to be mired in negativity all day, so I just typed in key words like:

cops, police officer, killed, shot, injured, wounded, decapitated, etc

and I read stories about cops getting what they deserved. For example here's one I found that happened just a few days ago. The headline read:

Florida police officer killed in training exercise

which picked my mood up instantly. The pig got shot by one of his terrorist buddies and despite him wearing body armor, the bullet entered his arm and went through his chest killing him.

This effectively transformed all that negative energy I was feeling from watching the video of the teenager being tased and beaten over the alleged smell of something as innocent as pot, and my mood brightened.

As a side note, I'd like to point out that the spirit of the Constitution enshrines individual liberty, and therefore any law that criminalizes the user of any drug is unconstitutional and illegal. Any police officer who enforces any drug law is in violation of the Constitution and effectively is a traitorous oath breaking piece of shit who should resign. [ or better yet, shoot himself ].

Anyhow, I hope some of you watching this video find this tip to be helpful in maintaing positivity when dealing with the negative feelings derived from watching traitorous oath breaking pigs, brutalizing, terrorizing and murdering innocent people and pets all day long.

Be well!

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