Policeaphelia: a mental disorder characterized by an insatiable need to kill blacks, latinos, children and dogs by shooting them. We are constantly watching a chilling show of militaristic thuggery on the evening news.

The Police should be called Open Carry Gun Gangs that maintain a Blue Code of Silence

and this allows them to generate an awful lot of Police Misconduct .

One wonders how many complaints of brutality by officers never see the light of day. They may very well be suppressing this evidence against those officers who have a tendency for brutality.

An article in Police Chief Magazine, Understanding the Psychology of Police Misconduct by Brian D. Fitch, offers psychological insight into why police officers lie. The article describes eight ways in which officers rationalize lying and other misconduct:

  • denying that there was a victim
  • denying that anyone was hurt by their misconduct
  • claiming that there was a higher cause that compelled them to commit misconduct
  • blaming the victim by claiming that the victim deserved to suffer because they broke the law
  • using dehumanizing language (e.g. “scumbag,” “piece of trash”) to make the victim seem less human
  • claiming that they had no choice but to commit misconduct because they were a victim of circumstance
  • comparing their misconduct to more serious misconduct in order to minimize what they have done
  • diffusing their own responsibility when there are multiple officers involved.

Being a police officer is not dangerous The CIA and other international security forces "don't fight drug traffickers" as much as "try to manage the drug trade. The very same is true with the Framingham police. How would they get such nice toys if they shut it down.

It's like pest control companies, they only control. If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business. they finish their jobs."

Police, by nature, are criminals. They are individuals who seek a free ticket to rape, pillage and plunder at their own free will. Most have GED's , or at best, with luck, a high school diploma. Many are probably nice guys, but monosyllabic and about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.

They do not protect or serve anyone other than themselves in any way, shape, or form. Police commit more crime in one day than any public population in any municipality in the United States. If you are foolish enough to trust a police officer with your life, you commit suicide. They seek a badge to wear to gain immunity from crimes they wish to commit. There has never been nor will there ever be an honest police office.

They do not protect us, they harass us. They are misusing their position and authority. Hasn't changed in the last 50 years. Power tripping cops. They aren't even ashamed that they are wasting their time on a useless item instead of earning their money on real crime. Any wonder people disrespect them and they disrespect themselves so much as to have the highest rate of suicide and divorce among workers. Any honest cop knows when to back off.

Does your job attract psychopaths?

A job as a police officer attracts psychopaths.

Law enforcement officers are now part of the revenue gathering system within the government, an increasingly predatory and punitive system.

Marijuana is Illegal Solely Because It Is a Major Source of Funding For Law Enforcement

In 2011, the FBI reported that 3,991 Americans were arrested for each 100,000 in our population. That's equivalent to one in every 25 Americans.

With this frantic arrest record, we are no longer being robbed by individuals in assorted property crimes. We are being robbed collectiviely by millions of government thugs who are incarcerating us in record numbers. This provides a lot of money to police officers, court officers, judges, DAs and prison guards.

Domestic police forces generally see the general public as an oppositional force everyday.

2013: Fewest Police Deaths (33) by Firearms Since 1887

Meanwhile in the line of duty, officers killed

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