Cops in America are heavily armed and trained to be bullies. Among the most highly trained, and therefore most domineering and violent, are the members of urban SWAT teams, who go beyond everyday bullying and instead are trained to think of themselves as paramilitary strike forces who are occupying hostile territory, and engaged in a war of classic counter-insurgency.

SWAT used to mean Special Weapons Attack Team until political correctness revised it to mean Special Weapons And Tactics.

Some police forces will use SWAT responsibly for very serious criminals known to be armed and dangerous. It appears that the Framingham police will use SWAT teams against small time drug dealers. If the potential offender merely has a criminal record, that's good enough for a midnight SWAT raid .

The Framingham SWAT team was established in 2001 and had 19 volunteers. Deputy Chief Craig Davis is in charge. Lt. Ronald Brandolini was the officer in charge.

The SWAT team travels with one or two paramedics. This is a sure fire sign that they intend to harm someone, but always accidentally, I'm sure.

If you have a desire or fantasy to kill other human beings, then, perhaps being a member of the Framingham police SWAT team might be a perfect opportunity to satisfy your bloodlust.

To get some sense of what SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) is about, just look at the monthly covers of SWAT Magazine . It's basically about killing people. Anyone who subscribes to it is by trade a professional killer and assasin and may have serious issues with the human race. This magazine is not for weekend warrior squirrel hunters. After examining a few front covers, ask yourself the question: Is this the life I long to live?

SWAT Magazine firearms acronyms .

Can you visualize yourself dressed in combat gear, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, ready to crash into a stranger's house and be ready to kill anything that moves because the homeowner is a drug user or seller? Neither can I.

One has to wonder what kind of small lizard brained people actually take on this role, thinking that they are saving our society, by trampling over our Constitution (that they probably can't read?).

This is what a SWAT team is.

Those officers who do undercover drug work or SWAT see drug users or drug dealers as enemy combatants, while the rest of us see them as individuals involved in consentual economic actiivty.

As SWAT raids have increased drammatically after 9/11, the police are being visualized as an oppositional force to us, and that's not good for them. They are becoming our enemy. We fear them more than we respect them.

Regretably, only five percent of police officers understand this concept while the vast majority wander the landscape pondering what cardboard tastes like.

Questions about our SWAT team
  • Was any video taken of the SWAT raid at 26 Fountain Street?

    Was anyone wearing a headcam?

  • Was any audio recorded during the SWAT raid at 26 Fountain Street?

  • Do you volunteer for SWAT, or are you assigned to it based on credentials?

    What are the necessary credentials?

  • Have any SWAT team members served in Iraq or Afghanistan?

  • Have any SWAT team members been snipers in a combat situation?

  • Have any SWAT team members seen intensive combat/battle conditions for extended periods?

  • Have any SWAT team members suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

  • Have any SWAT team members killed anyone in a combat enviroment?

    How many people did they kill?

  • Have any SWAT team members considered suicide?

  • Have any SWAT team members been under any psychiatric care for any reason?

  • Were any SWAT team members taking any type of drugs for any reason?

    - anti-pyschotic drugs
    - anti-depressants
    - Ambien (for insomnia)

  • Are SWAT team members tested for drugs periodically?

    Particularly before they go on a raid?

  • Are SWAT team members tested for any drugs after a SWAT raid where firearms are actually used.

  • Do any SWAT team members have a gun collection?

    How many guns in the collection?

  • What type of weapons were used in the SWAT raid?

  • Due to the unusual level of detail work being done in Framingham and the police have a legal monopoly on details, how many hours of detail work had been done by the SWAT raid killer in the past two weeks prior to the SWAT attack on January 5, 2011?

  • What complaints have been filed against the SWAT raid killer during his tenure as a Framingham police officer?

  • How do SWAT officers get paid?

    On a per incidence basis?

    Is there a special fund for SWAT operations?

  • Is there any minority representation on the SWAT team?

    Or is it a lilly white team?

  • Are there any written guidelines to determine who is qualified for a SWAT raid?

    How henious a crime must one commit before being selected for a heavily armed paramilitary midnight SWAT raid?

    Is there a list of crimes that make suspects eligible for a midnight SWAT raid?

    • Small time drug dealing?
    • Insulting a police officer?
    • Spitting on a sidewalk?

  • Before a SWAT raid is conducted, does the police department check for real weapons at the site to be raided?

    How is that information verified?

    Had there been a previous arrest where one of the defendants actually had a weapon?

    Or are the police now conducting heavily armed paramilitary raids on unarmed civilians?

  • How much training do SWAT team members undergo?

    Given the potentially deadly nature of such raids, are there monthly/annual training sessions?

    Especially for midnight raids?

  • How is the size of the SWAT team determined for any given raid? It seemed that twenty-two police officers heavily armed with automatic weapons with a contingency of four tactical paramedics was perhaps excessive for an armed assault on a small time drug dealer.

An armed raid is the best way to escalate violence and increase the chances of someone getting killed. Why the police agitate for that escapes me. Actually, it doesn't: the police want to create the conditions in which they can kill people with impunity. Murdering a suspect after he's in custody is a crime. Killing him in his home because you "thought he was reaching for a gun" is just a mistake.

During 2012 the Framingham SWAT team conducted four high risk tactical missions. These operations were in support of the narcotics unit during the execution of search warrants. All tactical missions involved suspects that were armed with weapons and/or had histories of violent armed criminal acts. The SWAT team also intervened with a suicidal suspect who had a large cache of firearms. The incident was quickly and safely resolved and resulted in crisis mental health treatment for the subject.

The SWAT team consists of the Tactical Unit, Tactical Emergency Medics (TEMS) and the Crisis Negotiation Unit. Each tactical team member trained a minimum of 280 hours on topics including firearms proficiency, less lethal weapons, TASER, building search techniques, arrest tactics, trauma medical care and use of force applications. The Negotiators and Medics also conducted training throughout the year to hone their skills. Negotiators train an average of 96 hours (twelve eight hour days) annually per member in crisis communications skills, and the Medics train 96 hours (twelve eight hour days) annually in emergency rescue and medical trauma techniques.

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