65 Delmar Avenue
                                                Framingham, MA 01701
                                                May 5 2019

        Framingham Police Department
        1 William Welch Way
        Framingham, MA 01702
        Attn: Steven Trask
              Police chief

Dear sir,

This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10).

According to this article your staff will be reading out loud to second graders. The article points out it should not take a negative or horrific event to meet a police officer. This seems to imply that if a cop doesn't read to you, the only way to meet a cop is to have a negative or horrific event in their lives. Sounds right to me.

I have a few questions about a program that is clearly not in the purview of the Framingham police department, even if it is within their ability.

  1. Will the officer(s) be using a police cruiser to go to McCarthy?

    If so, will it be parked illegally? Just examine how your "school resource officers" park. I do. This shows people police do not follow the same parking rules as everybody else. No! Siree!

  2. Is there an accounting cost code allocated to this activity or is this regardred as normal police work?

    Will we able to get an annual cost to the taxpayers?

  3. Is there a plan to do this at all our elementary schools? Why just McCarthy?

  4. After perusing through your new "Framingham Police Department Assessment" report, I should ask who gets these assignments?

    Have you published any guidelines for your staff on how to get these cushy job as SROs and second grade readers? Can I get a copy?

  5. I see this as a blatant attempt to advertise yourselves. under the guise of relationship building.

    I see no reason that this difficult work can't be done by an unarmed middle school student.

    Second graders shouldn't be taking up the valuable time of our police department. You people are so called professionals and should be doing that hard police work (whatever that might be).

    The "Framingham Police Department Assessment" report states that crime is falling almost precipitously (see page 7).

    As it stands, the Framingham police do not enforce marijuana or immigration laws.

    I see this as a way to get a school resource officer in every elementary school. You already have your crossing guards, traffic enforcement officers , traffic light button pushing officers .

    I am simply stating for the public record that I do not believe that this should even be in the purview of any police department and this even sounds like an attempt to metastasize your department.

  6. Will there be any attempt to balance the view of the Framingham police depoartment by showing the children any video clips of the Framingham police swat raid on Eurie Stamps Sr's house. .

    Why not bring in officer Paul Duncan (who is still gainfully employed by FPD) to talk to the children. Make sure he is armed.

  7. So you ignore federal immigration law and now you tell us it's important to waste taxpayers monies so your brave officers can read to second graders?

  8. Were there any reports submited from the Framingham police response at the Crowne Plaza shooting incident given the heavy response I see in the log files? If so, may I acquire a copy? I did not see a police report in your log files.

  9. I'd like to acquire a copy of the police report 1902574 filed by Lt. Reardon.

  10. I'd like to acquire a copy of the police report 1902115 associated with the most recent police cruiser crash.

  11. Last, but not least, I'd like to get a copy of your new contract given to you by our fine mayor.

Let me know how much you intend to charge me ( by email: hjwolfe@gmail.com or by phone: 508-561-8452 ) for the privilege of acquiring public information gathered at my expense.

As you are aware, I must be provided with this information within 10 days.

If you cannot comply with my request, please provide an explanation in writing or email.

Sincerely yours,

Harold J. Wolfe

Send comments to: hjw2001@gmail.com