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Given that the police department has received over $850,000 in
unconstitutional civil forfeitures, I have several questions
about how those monies are handled.

1. Are those monies placed in the town's General Fund?

2. If so, are these monies then allocated back to the police

3. Can I get a comprehensive list of what was purchased with
   these funds?

Another set of questions I have concern themselves on how well
armed the Framingham police are.  This is related to the ongoing
paramilitarization of the Framingham police (two SWAT related
vehicles to date).  I suspect that the Framingham are arming
themselves way in excess of its need as a police force and it's
now beginning to look like a military force with its khaki

I was reminded of this by this photo album

1. How many high capacity automatic, semi-automtic and automatic
   weapons does the Framingham police department have?

2. How many of these weapons are carried around in cruisers?

3. How much ammunition does the Framingham police buy on an annual basis?

4. Are any weapons or ammunition mentioned in these weapons purchased
   with civil forfeiture funds?

Last but not least, a few of questions on license plate scanners.

1. What is the make and model number of any license plate scanner
   owned by the Framingham police?

2. Were civil forfeiture funds used in their purchase?

3. Have they been of any use to your staff?  If so, how?

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