Police Contract: Protecting or Pilfering the Taxpayers?
Members of the Framingham police routinely show up as the best paid town employees.

The following is some insight into the details of the police union contract to explain why.

  1. Attendance in court, paid, 4 hours minimum

  2. Two year retirement notice, $750 a year bonus

  3. One year retirement notice, $500 a year bonus

  4. Up to 15 members, $3,000 per year for duties of investigator.

  5. Evidence/detail officer $3,500

  6. Two members, $3,500 for fingerprinting and photography

  7. Afternoon/night differential, 8% of pay
    (Framingham's cost: over $2 million in 2010)

  8. Weekend differential, $2/hour

  9. 30 minute lunch period

  10. Quinn bill benefits (depending on degree)
    (Framingham's cost: $650,000 in 2010)

  11. One day off annually of their choice

  12. Extremely generous bereavement benefits based on what is their family.

  13. 15 days sick leave

  14. 11 paid holidays

  15. 2-5 weeks vacation pay depending on time in force

  16. Sick leave to take care of other family members.

  17. 30 days injury leave

  18. Five days work, 3 days off.

  19. $750 annual clothing allowance.

  20. Promotion in rank, $150 bonus

  21. Hazardous duty pay, 4% of base pay for all members

  22. Longevity pay, from $200 to $450 per year depending on length of service

  23. Finger printing, photography, breathalyzer 2% of base pay

  24. Defribrillator duties, $150

  25. Departmental accreditation, 1/2% base salary

  26. Detail work, $43 per hour, minimum four hours and they can utilize their cellphones
    This is where they get most of their salaries. Some officers work over 80 hours a week.

  27. $7,500 burial expense

  28. Sick leave bank for use by collective bargaining unit.

  29. Cash out on compensatory time.

  30. Overtime (after week's work), 50% over base pay.

  31. Thirty (30) minutes exercise per shift for exercise.

  32. $100,000 life insurance on death.

The one police skill that does not require us to pay the police unions any more is that of drawing a chalk outline around a dead body if you should die on the streets of Framingham. Apparently they learned how to do it themselves.

Note that most of the crime occurs right around the police station!

Contract Items for a McDonald employee

(if the contract was negotiated by the Framingham police union)

Duties Extra Pay per year
Making burgers $500
Making fries $500
Being a cashier $1,000
Shift differential $2,000
Weekend differential $500
Cleaning restrooms $2,000
Sweeping floors $800
Cleaning tables $500
Refilling napkin dispensers $500

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